The technologies driving today’s residential solar merchandise are stronger than ever.  Just as importantly, the selection of solar powered lighting options for the outdoors are astounding.  No matter what your patio and garden’s style, you’ll find a myriad of available choices that complement your landscape and provide reliable functionality.  The following choices and styles will give consumers an idea of the many lighting options available online or at home improvement and garden centers today.



Solar spotlights are extremely useful for the patio and garden.  While many homeowners install them near garage doors to help with evening light needs, these spotlights have been designed to look more appealing for placement elsewhere on the premises.  For instance, a solar spotlight mounted in a boulder-shaped frame can be placed anywhere in the garden to shed light on a path or even to highlight a special features like a fountain or particular plantings.  This type of light could also be placed near a patio feature like a small bar, hot tub, or grill.  Look for spotlights that are motion-activated for even greater functionality.



Solar-lit lanterns are charming no matter what their style.  Hanging from shepherds hooks or outdoor structures like a pergola or gazebo, these lanterns charge up all day so they can light up the evening without the use of electricity.  For shady landscapes, consider hanging a few Asian-inspired lanterns along a garden path.  Modern designs complement formal and traditional gardens.  The lantern style is perfect for cottage gardens and informal patios too. 


Stake Lights

Solar lights mounted atop stakes are both effective and inexpensive lighting options.  Entire paths and walkways can be well-lit with these solar devices that act as both lighting feature and garden ornament.  Some gardeners enjoy placing one or two in large pots of plants so that they’ll be noticed even after the sun goes down.  The stakes can be placed throughout the garden and landscape to add a touch of light to any area.  Consider that lighting features also provide added security since a well-lit home will appear less welcome to burglars.  Of course, you can add these features without increasing your energy costs since they are fueled by the power of the sun.


Lights for the Fence

Solar caps for the fence are an effective way to incorporate light into the garden or patio.  With various styles available, these caps are easy to install on compatible fences and can provide a whole bank of light.  Though utterly functional, they can really add a great decorative touch particularly if there are climbing plants along the fence that could be spotlighted by the fence lights. 


Hanging Light Strands

Light strands add a touch of whimsy to the space and solar strands eliminate the hassle of tangled electrical cords.  These lights are a great way to add a design element to the patio.  From basic bulb-style strands to shining star lights to bird-shaped designs, there are so many wonderfully decorative options.  Look for a style that complements your patio or garden style. 


Check out your nearby garden centers or home improvement centers for solar lighting options.  However, you needn’t be content with their selections.  By searching online, you’ll find a staggering choice of options allowing you to tailor your lighting features exactly to your patio and garden style.