Solar lights have been around for a little over a decade now. They weren't as popular a few years ago as they are today. There is such a big difference between conventional lights and solar powered lights that people find it extremely necessary to quit using conventional lights and switching solar energy ones. One of these big differences is that solar lights needn't use electricity in order for them to work. Instead they get all the energy they need from the sun and use it as their energy source.

This is indeed a very good thing because it means it is not wasting any energy, instead it is conserving thus doing no harm to the environment we live in. Solar lights might be a little more expensive than conventional lights but after using them over a month you will realize that they are worth every dime for the fact that you will not get an electricity bill for using them. Of course these lights have their advantages and disadvantages like everything else in life but their cons are very limited.

The major thing that people do not like about solar powered lights is that if you place them in a shady area they will not glow as brightly as you wish at night. They will seem dim and start to fade after a few hours. That is why you need to make sure you have them in a proper place else they will be useless.

Personally, I think the best thing about them is the convenience they offer. I am a paranoid person and like to think of all the possibilities that could happen at all times. With solar lights there is less chance your home will go on fire. Ridiculous? Maybe, but it could happen. Imagine one of your kids playing outside your home and accidentally breaks the light bulb. That little fire could grow until it lights your whole house. With solar lights that isn't possible.

Solar lights also need batteries to charge and work on. They will stay on the entire night if they got enough sunlight and if their batteries are fully charged. If you want your batteries to last long just make sure you got the good rechargeable type. Non rechargeable batteries won't last you more than a week. Solar yard lights come with so many advantages, but the most important thing is that when using them you are doing the world a favor by not using electricity. Keep that in mind at all times because it is your job and duty to help save the environment from the damages we caused.