Conserving energy and doing our part to help better the environment is more important now more than ever. Switching over to solar power, power gained from the sunlight, can help reduce and even eliminate your electric bill.

Solar panels can be used for both residential and commercial homes and building structures. The panel is a long panel of solar cells, or more scientifically, photovoltaic array. The photons from the sun are absorbed through the photovoltaic effect and in turn create electricity.

The best thing about solar energy is that it's environmentally sound and clean way to collect the renewable energy from the sun. So now you are ready to make the switch to solar power, where do you get these panels from?

The best way to be exposed to a variety of brands and prices on the panels is to start your search online. Hoping onto Google and doing a search in the shopping tab for the panels will give you many selections to browse through. You can expect to see prices ranging from $300 to $10,000 for panels so be prepared to search through many models to see which one is best for your needs.

When it is time to mount your new solar powered panel, make sure you are mounting it correctly and securely. Roof ground mounts; roofs mounts, and flush mounts. This means your new panel could be places on your roof, as a standalone unit, or even up against a pole side. The flush mounts are very popular because they are one of the cheapest forms of solar powered panels available. The flush mounts are great for use on an RV because the mount itself cannot handle that large of a panel. These mounts are for small panels only. The roof ground mounts are what you want to use for those larger solar powered panels. These mounts are for installation on the ground and rooftops and are made to fit bulky panels with easy adjustment. The pole mounts are pretty much what they sound like. Usually two to four poles, either wooden or metal, that support to solar powered panel. These mounts can allow your panel to perform motion tracking and actually follow the sunlight.

In summary, these solar powered panels are one of the best ways to use the energy the sunlight is giving us, but also they are a great way to save some cash.