By placing solar panels on your roof, you contribute to a better and cleaner environment and you will save cost on the long term. Electricity from sunlight is sustainable because there are no harmful emissions or gases. Before purchasing solar panels you should look around and find out what kind of panels are the best for your house and your energy consumption.

A solar panel converts solar energy into electricity. Solar cells consist of two layers, which generate electrical current under the influence of sun light. The capacity of solar cells is expressed in Watt-peak. This is the output of a solar panel under optimal conditions.

You will of course need more than solar panels, a complete system consists of panels, inverters and wiring. The electricity generated will be supplied to the electricity grid, is stored or used immediately. This according to the specific circumstances such as current usage and location of your house.

There are various types of solar panels available, but they all have the same objective, which is converting sunlight into energy. There are a lot of different brands, such as SunPower, Brunton, Sanyo, Xunlight and Sharp, but you will also notice that there are also a lot of differences in efficiency, size and the material the solar cells in the panels are made of, such as mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline silicon or amorphous silicon.

Installation of Solar Panels

By installing solar panels yourself you can save a considerable amount on your investment in solar panels. However, only do this when you are really handy and know what you are doing. Solar panels are fragile and large and awkward to manoeuvre, so it might be the best option, even if you are handy, to hire a specialized firm to install your panels.

These solar specialists have a lot of experience in installing solar panels and they also know what the best place and tilt angle is for your solar panel system. They also have a good insight into the type and amount of solar panels needed in your specific situation, which will benefit the efficiency of the panels and ultimately will benefit your financial situation.

Make sure to hire a specialist to install solar panels, ask the supplier of the system for approved and qualified firms.

Earn Your Investment Back

Solar Panels are not cheap, but since these panels also save you a lot of money, you should look at more than just the investment in the panel system. Calculate how long it takes to earn your investment back, this depends on many factors, such as amount of sunshine, the number of solar panels, investment, installing it yourself or hiring a specialist and the possibility of receiving funds.

Solar Water Heating

Besides solar panels, there are solar collectors. These solar collectors are placed on the roof of a house placed to collect solar energy. The solar collectors convert light into heat; this heat will be redirected to a boiler. Water in this unit is thus heated by solar energy.