When is enough really enough. It was reported on our local TV in Western Australia that a particular power company made a huge profit this year. Yet they are continually increasing the price of electricity to its customers.

Normal Businesses or small home businesses

If the normal person owning a business runs short of stock or money to keep their business operational, could they expect their customers to bail them out? I don't think so.

Electricity companies cannot supply enough power

With the onset of summer our power company requested that its customers reduce the drain on their power supplies when arriving home as they reported there would be power cuts because they could not keep up with consumer's usage. They asked us to turn off extra lights at night, and reduce the use of air conditioners at peak hours when families came home from work.

We buy our electrical equipment like air conditioners and heating systems for our comfort. Therefore the power suppliers should supply us with the service we pay for.

The government offers us a sweetener; we can have a rebate if we outlay our hard earned money for the purchase of Solar Panels on our homes. Yes when we check this out in theory it will save us money, as it will reduce the amount of money we have to pay as most of our power supply will be coming free from the sun.

After doing our homework; we were surprised how much the cost had come down in the past eighteen months. It was ten thousand at that time. With a bit of wheeling and dealing to find the best buy we bought a 1500 system 8 solar panels on our roof, which included a 1.5kv inverter. This cost us approximately $3000 in December 2011. Plus we had to have a new meter installed which cost a further $250.

Solar powered Hot Water System

We then decided as the electric hot water system was old we would have a solar one installed.

We paid $3100 for that and are still waiting for the $1000 rebate from the government. On top of that we had to pay an electrician to connect the electric power booster as the company did not come this far out of the city costing another $200.

Competition for customers to buy solar panels

Every time you open the paper you see the adverts, where companies are competing with one another and the prices are coming down even more.

This could mean fewer power stations they need to build

In my opinion, all we are doing is saving the power companies from having to build the much needed power stations that the present ones cannot cope with the amount of power needed to keep our communities running efficiently on power.

Will this extra solar power we had installed really save us money?

I believe it will at the moment, although I am still waiting for my first power bill since the solar panels and solar hot water system was installed. And it could also help with climate change.

Another increase in power charges

When we bought this house in August we were told the power charges were 17cents per unit. On our first account the charges went up to 18.931900 cents per unit. How long will it be before we have another price increase? We are at their mercy.

Solar panels are definitely the way to go to help our climate. But at what cost to the people in any communities if the power suppliers take advantage of them by increasing the costs even though we are trying to save costs to us by installing solar panels.

People doing it tough

I know that hundreds of people are doing it tough or even homeless. They cannot afford to have the normal everyday essentials anymore. Many pensioners and people living on their own are resorting to wearing extra clothes and a blanket over their knees to keep them warm in winter because they do not have the money to pay for the electricity to run their heaters and air conditioners.

There are many more that are living in homes where the electricity has been cut from their homes. Can you imagine what their life must be like living without electricity? Although it is not just electricity but food, fuel and all the other essentials that add to the terrible shortage of money in our pockets each month. This happens all over the world while big companies advertise the profits they make.