Have you been looking for a way to light up your deck or patio at night but worry about the potential for electric shock that you can get from running cables or the possibly high electric bill? If so, the solution to your problem could be using solar patio lights. Recent advancements in light bulbs and solar cells have made patio solar lighting easy to install, effective, and most important of all, affordable. They will improve your property's usefulness and appearance, and can even serve as a deterrent to would be burglars. Best of all, these lights can be found very easily at lots of different websites online or in almost every home and garden store.

Solar Powered Patio Lights vs. Conventional Lighting

Solar lights for patios have many advantages over traditional lighting methods. Solar lights are easier to setup and there is no need to hire an electrician or run wires so that you can light your patio. All that is required for you to install a solar powered system is to pick the spot you want your light to be, hang it up or stick it in the ground, and the forget about it. The light's solar panel will automatically charge the battery inside the light during the day and turn the light on and off at dusk and dawn.

The only costs you will incur in setting up a outdoor solar patio lights are startup costs. You will not have to pay one single cent for electricity once the system is installed. Also new, high tech batteries and LEDs will not need to be changed for years, making the need for replacement parts almost nonexistent.

There is one major downside to solar lights however. You much place them in an area that gets a good deal of direct sunlight. If your patio is shaded during most of the day, the lights may not receive enough sun to fully charge their batteries during the day. This mean they will run out of energy partway through the night and the partial batter charges will make the light's batteries wear out much quicker than they normally would.

How Solar Lights Work

Solar lights work by utilizing a piece of technology technically called a photovoltaic cell, but more commonly known as a solar panel. A solar panel contains a large amount of silicon, which is treated by a special process to absorb as much sunlight as possible. The sunlight reacts with the silicon and creates an electrical charge. The electrical charge is the used to charge the up the batteries. The batteries charge until the sun goes down when the lack of light triggers a switch to turn the light on.

Using Solar Patio Lights

There are numerous different ways you can use solar lights for your patio. You can use them as decorative lighting to draw the eyes of your guests to a certain area of your patio or garden. They can also be used as functional lighting, to give you deck some ambient light at night or to light up areas that people need to walk on, such as paths or stairs. Using lights this way will increase the functionality of your property and allow you to entertain guests on your patio until long after the sun goes down. You can even install the lights as motion detectors intended to deter criminals. You can find solar lights with glass lamp shades, plastic lamp shades, or ones designed as up lights or swag lamps for sale. With all the choices you have your design options are only limited by your imagination.

Finding the best solar patio lights is not hard. They are found at almost every home and garden store in many different sizes and styles. If this fails, there are also numerous places online these lights are available from along with abundant design tips. Unleash your imagination and light up your patio today!