A solar patio umbrella is an outdoor piece of furniture that can be used as a source of light during thet nightime and shade in the day. Most use LED lights and Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries. There's usually a manual on and off switch, so you can decide when you want to turn it on. They also have a crank which makes it easy to close and open the umbrella.

They come in different colors, such as green, gray, blue or brown. When buying a solar patio umbrella, it's important that its design matches with the other patio furniture that you own. It also needs to look nice in your yard as well.

Located at the very top of the umbrella is a solar panel. It stores energy from the sun. If the sun doesn't come out due to bad weather, you won't be able to charge your solar patio umbrella. At night this energy can be used to light the area near the umbrella.

A solar patio umbrella only illuminates the area under it. This is for focusing the light into one area, such as a table. It's great if you don't want too much attention to your yard from pesky neighbors.

You can escape from the sun during the daytime under a solar patio umbrella. During sunny days they can serve as shade while charging at the same time. It's still very useful during the day.

The operation time of a solar patio umbrella can vary from each model. Most of them last somewhere between six and eight hours before running out of power. It takes about a whole day for them to recharge.

Due to not needing to be connected to an electrical home outlet they can be placed wherever you like on your yard. This also prevents anyone from falling over any extension cords and getting hurt.

Solar patio umbrellas cost more than other kinds of patio umbrella lights. With the other types you're still paying for the electric bill andreplacement batteries. With solar patio umbrellas you actually save more money as time goes on. It's a wonderful accessory that aids you in saving money and not wasting energy.

Solar patio umbrella lights still have some issues. Those that are made very cheaply may not last longer than one year. This is why it's important to read reviews and the product description before you buy one.

On windy or rainy days you shouldn't leave your solar patio umbrella outside because it can suffer weather damage or get broken. Getting a replacement can be very costly.

Day or night a solar patio umbrella can provide you with a place to relax under. They are an excellent addition to any yard. A solar patio umbrella is environmentally safe and a wonderful money saver.