People are looking for facts about solar power heating because solar power is soon going to be one of the most important ways to provide renewable energy in the world.

First, what really is solar power? It is very powerful energy that comes directly from the sun and it is available regardless if people want to take advantage of it or not.

The earth is a long way from the sun (average distance is about 92 million miles or 149 million kilometers away) but even with the long distance there is enough power to meet the energy needs for the human population thousands of times over.

People are often familiar with active solar technology that involves having solar panels on the roof of the house to collect the sun energy and converts it into electricity.The electricity can be used also at night when the sun is not shining or on cloudy days because the energy is stored in a battery.Solar power heating is a very popular way of making electricity in remote areas.

They are still quite expensive and require some maintenance once in a while, but they are reliable and provide free electricity even in areas where the sun does not shine every day.

The history of PV (photovoltaic energy) also known as solar cells started in 1876 when William Grylls Adams (a professor of natural philosophy in London) and his student Richard Day discovered that electricity is produced when selenium is exposed to light.

Werner von Siemens, a well known electricity expert, stated that this discovery was extremely important.It was proven that selenium cells exposed to light could be converted to electricity and no heat or moving parts were needed in the process.

The silicon solar cell was discovered in 1953 by Gerald Pearson, Daryl Chapin and Calvin Fuller.The solar cell could produce enough electricity and was efficient enough to run small electrical devices.In 1956 was the first commercial solar cells available.

Here are some interesting facts about solar power heating:

  • Solar power comes from the sun, it is the same energy that warms the earth and grows everything. Solar power can be turned in to electricity using solar panels.
  • Albert Einstein invented a theory in 1905 on photoelectric effect and how it is depended on wavelength. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for solar power innovation in 1921.
  • When silicon is used in solar power panels (silicon is taken from sand) it can produce a lot of electricity.It has even been proposed that silicon can replace coal some day.
  • More than 10,000 homes in the United States get their energy entirely from solar power and over 200,000 house holds use some kind of PV (photovoltaic) solar technology.
  • Over 300,000 swimming pools in the United States are heated entirely using solar power heating.
  • A solar power heating system offer the biggest potential to save money for homeowners, they can save 85% of their utility bills using solar power compared to using an electric water heater.