Tis the season for big electricity bills. but solar-powered Christmas lights are doing all they can to change that. These outdoor Christmas lights are nearly identical to any outlet or battery-powered type you'd come across, except in the need for metered electricity or costly battery replacements. So how about a few more shekels in your pocket during the holidays while not giving up your holiday cheer? Read on to check out even more benefits of these Christmas lights and the prices you should expect to pay for them.

Have a Sunny Sunny Christmas

Solar Powered White Christmas LightsOutdoor Christmas lights are a beautiful sight to see during the holidays. They bring a festive air to the entire neighborhood, lifting up the spirits of everyone around. That is, until the electricity bills arrive.

Beautiful holiday lighting can cost a small fortune, eating up tons of metered electricity. Bills can easily hit the hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars! That's not very "Christmas-y" of the electric company, but business is business of course. And there is something that you can do to lower your usage: Switch to solar-powered Christmas lights whenever possible.

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Benefits of Solar-Powered Christmas Lights

These holiday lights look every bit the part. They come in many varieties from solar-powered twinkle lights to holiday-themed garden stakes. But while they look the same as the corded and battery-powered varieties, they've got a few distinct advantages over each.

They lower your electricity bills

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As mentioned, your electricity bills will take a significant dip after the move to solar-powered Christmas lights. In fact, these lights use zero metered electricity. Their power all comes from the sun via a small solar panel system attached to the light string. This panel is easily staked in the ground to help guarantee that it receives direct sunlight. Even just replacing a few strings can have a big financial impact at the end of the year.

They are good for the environment

Remember, most metered electricity comes from fossil fuels. The less you use, the more you are reducing your carbon footprint during the holiday season. If you're looking for a green Christmas, solar-powered Christmas lights are definitely the eco-friendly alternative.

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No extra extension cord or battery costs

In terms of outdoor placement, solar-powered Christmas lights are nearly as portable as battery-powered lights. You can decorate areas far removed from an electrical socket without buying expensive power cords. Plus, hiding those power cords becomes a chore in its own right.

And, unlike battery-powered Christmas lights, there's no need to keep buying and replacing batteries. They may not seem expensive, but over the course of the season, those battery costs can add up.

They are automated - no forgetting to turn them on (or off)

There's no worrying about an on/off switch when it comes to solar-powered Christmas lights. When night-time comes, they magically turn on illuminating your home in bright, beautiful holiday colors. When daybreak arrives, they just as magically turn off. This is a great solution for the forgetful types. Your home will always look beautiful and you can potentially save some cash too! Much electricity is wasted due to people forgetting to turn off their Christmas lights during the day time.

Solar-Powered Christmas Light Prices

It shouldn't be a surprise that these solar-powered lights are slightly more expensive than their corded equivalents. There's more technology going into them, after all. Prices typically fall between $10 and $30 across all varieties, which is maybe 25% more than traditional corded Christmas lights. This upfront cost, though, is easily made up on electricity savings, especially when you use them year after year. You can end up saving hundreds of dollars, making that buck or two extra now a great investment for future savings.

If you're looking to green up your holidays and save some cash, there's no better choice than solar-powered Christmas lights. These are Christmas decorations that give nothing up on beauty, but potentially save you lots of money and are good for the Earth, too. Now that's a holiday treat everyone can appreciate.