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Everyone knows or has heard that you can use solar panels on your home or caravan and even charge your phone from small backpack solar panels that work from the sun's rays.

With the advent of Christmas just around the corner we have to look at ways of cutting as many expenses as possible to spread our money further. One way to reduce the amount of power used at this time of year is by using solar powered indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations and lights.

Christmas outside Solar garden lightingDragonfly solar light on flickr by cassuccino

How many times have you driven around the streets with or without your children looking at the beautiful Christmas light displays? Many of these people spend hours decorating their homes to enter the Christmas light competitions. I always dreaded the thought of them receiving their electricity bill.


Now I wonder how many of those people were using Solar powered indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations and lights for their displays. I hope they were because solar would save them so much money. Then if they win the competition it would truly be worth all the effort they put into their Christmas Decorations.


These solar lights work the same as your normal garden solar lights. The difference is they have a larger or number of solar panels attached to batteries that have been charged up during the day from the sun. The solar cell converts the sunlight into electricity. Solar panels can still charge up the batteries even on an overcast day although they will not charge up enough to stay on as long as on a sunny day.

Solar Christmas Lights for Outdoors

  • There are many types of outdoor solar Christmas lights in a variety of colors.
  • The most popular of these are naturally:
  • Santa and his reindeers
  • Snowman lights
  • Christmas tree path lights
  • Stake lights
  • Santa images


Where to buy Solar Christmas lights


There are many different ways to purchase these online, like eBay auctions. They have many varieties, like string lights, stake lights of angels, dragonfly lights, and many others. Do a search and find the cheapest place to buy them and save on your power bill, you will also be helping by going green at the same time.

Internet search


Do and internet search and find the cheapest deal you can get and save even more money. The powers to be are trying to stop people from shopping online as they are losing too much money through taxation. So act now and don't waste time, buy before it is too late.


No matter where you buy, make sure you all have a safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by displaying your solar powered Christmas decorations and lights.

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