Now, solar powered lights themselves won't make you safer, simply because they get their energy from the sun. Or I guess someone could argue that they could make us all safer in the long run, because they derive their energy from renewable sources, helping to protect our environment. What I'm thinking about though is the fact that many solar lights ship with a built in sensor which detects when the sun has come up and when it has gone down. The idea here is that the light gets its energy at night, from a battery which has collected the solar energy accumulated during the day, using the light's solar panel. Now that isn't a huge amount of energy by any means, so there is incentive to make sure that very little of it is wasted if possible. That's why solar lights have the ability to automatically turn on when it gets dark, and turn off when it gets bright out.

This is the part that can keep you safer at night. After all, we're all only human. We forget things. We make mistakes. And one of the mistakes that people sometimes make is, they forget to turn on the lights at night, or at least all of the lights. This can happen for any number of reasons really. Maybe you've had a long day, so as soon as you get home, you head for your bedroom, you get on the bed, and before you know it, you're fast asleep. And while you're sleeping, the sun fully sets, and suddenly the area outside your house is pitch black, while the houses of your neighbors are well lit. And that's just asking for trouble right there. After all, if someone were to case the neighborhood, in search of a place that could be burgled, there's probably a good chance that they'll skip the well lit lawns and houses, especially if they hear people still up and about inside, and they might give your place a closer inspection, since it's so dark and the inside is rather quiet. Much easier to drive up and park close to a house when its front yard isn't lit so well, or barely lit at all. Much easier in fact to sneak up to the front door, or along the side yard, if there's less risk that a passing motorist or pedestrian will be able to see the person. So basically, darker area outside your house tends to equate to greater risk for your property as well as yourself.

If you have solar powered lights set up around the perimeter of your house though, there's less of a chance that this'll happen. There's no need for input from you at all, so even given the scenario of a person who's really tired and falls asleep, once things get dark enough outside, the various solar lights positioned outside will blaze to life, illuminating the areas outside your home, and at least giving potential burglars a reason to look elsewhere. So basically that's one way that solar powered lights can keep you safer.