Solar powered security lights can come in very handy for properties such as warehouses, where there may be products of value stored, and which may be located in areas that aren't quite so secure because they may be out of the way, or because not that many persons are in those areas. Again, the security of a particular warehouse will depend on a whole host of things, such as where it is, whether there is a guard located in a good position or perhaps several guards, and the number of hours throughout the day and night that they are posted. Other factors also affect security such as the amount of illumination in the area, and more. No matter what the particular level of safety and security that may already exist for a particular warehouse, the addition of solar security lighting offers a way to boost whatever security already exists. For instance, solar powered motion lighting can be installed in key areas around a particular warehouse. These can serve to augment the amount of lighting that already exists around the property.

So in the case where a person or persons are considering engaging in some amount of vandalism or theft with respect to a particular warehouse, when they do approach the property, the sensor in the device closest to them will kick in, once they get within range. Once this happens, the light of the device will turn on, flooding the area with white light, and illuminating the individuals within its vicinity. This does a number of things. For example, if the warehouse has a guard on duty, but that person is located at some other part of the property, then the sudden illumination may call the attention of that guard and have him or her rapidly responding, and heading for the area in particular. In addition, the sudden illumination may very well cause those would be intruders to make a quick dash for cover somewhere darker. It may very well convince them that there may be someone inside or near the property who saw them, and responded by turning on the light. Also, if there are third parties in the area, then the illumination will call their attention to the potential intruders as well, and if those intruders are wearing something to cover their faces, then their criminal intent becomes that much more obvious to those third parties. In the event that their faces are uncovered, then those bystanders may be able to see their features, which could aid identification later on. So again, solar security lighting could be quite beneficial for someone looking to secure a warehouse.