When it comes to outdoor lighting options for your home solar powered motion detector lights should be at the top of the list. There are many benefits even compared to other types of outdoor motion detector lights. For one they require no wiring which can be a huge advantage for those with no special knowledge of electricity that would otherwise result in the hiring of an electrician for installation. And unlike battery operated there is no need for buying and replacing batteries. Another advantage is there will be no need to have to change blown bulbs because most solar lights come with long lasting LED bulbs. So as you can see choosing solar is not only an easy do it yourself type home improvement project it also saves you time and money. Now the only thing left to do is to find just the right solar lights for your home and yard.

Best Selling Solar Powered Motion Detector Lights

There are literally dozens of LED solar powered motion detector lights on the market but like all things some are better than others. So in the next few paragraphs you will find information on some of the best selling solar units available from Amazon.com with each light having at least a “four star” rating with forty or more reviews. This helps you in two ways. The first being that you can easily compare the features of all the units you find interesting. And second you can read all the reviews from actual owners of these lights helping you make a more educated purchase.

The first unit we will high light is the Concept SL-100 32 Bulb LED Solar Security Light with Motion Detector. This easy to install wireless weather proof solar light is made of UV protected plastic with an ABS housing. The 13 ½” W x 7 ½” H x ½” deep 2 watt amorphous solar panel charges the 4 volt 4.5 amp hour lead acid battery that powers the 9 ¾”W x 14 ¾”H x 9 ¼”D light which contains 32 bright wide angles LED bulbs that are the equivalent to a 20 watt CFL. The light has a range of about 190 feet and will operate for up to ten hours on a fully charged battery. Other features include a built in motion and light detector with auto on/off or can be set on with user defined timer.

Concept SL-100 32-LED Solar-Powered Security Light with Motion Detector
Amazon Price: $79.95 $37.97 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 22, 2013)

Next is the Maxsa Innovations 40218 Motion Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight, labeled as one of the brightest solar lights on the market. Made of durable weather proof plastic this light has eight super bright LEDs four in each of the two fully adjustable heads. This light can detect motion up to twenty five in a hundred and eighty degree angle. The light is powered by three “AA” long lasting rechargeable batteries and is able to activate up to 300 times for a minute at a time on a full charge. It also has adjustable setting for time, motion sensitivity and daylight sensitivity. One other feature that makes this light easier to setup is the nine foot cord that attaches the light and the solar panel. This long cord allows you to place the solar panel in direct sunlight enabling the light to be mounted in the location it’s needed.

MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight
Amazon Price: $89.95 Too low to display Buy Now
(price as of Aug 22, 2013)

One other light that you may want to consider is the Designers Edge L-949 10 Bulb LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed Light. Unlike the other two examples this light can be used in damp locations but should mounted where it is protected from the elements like under a carport or in a garage or shed. It comes with an extremely long cord measuring twenty feet so using it in these locations shouldn’t be a problem. It has two power setting the first is activated with a motion sensor and the second is to turn it on manually with a pull chain. There is also a switch that allows you to choose how many of the ten LED bulbs are used when lit. The first setting uses all ten which will last up to two hours on a full charge. The other setting only uses five of the LEDs which will double the hours it can be powered to four. And the power source for these lights is three rechargeable “AA” batteries that are charged daily by the solar panel.

Designers Edge L949 10-LED Rechargeable Solar-Panel Shed Light
Amazon Price: $56.99 $20.84 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 22, 2013)

Who Could Benefit From Solar Lights?

The truth is almost everyone. Maybe you live off grid, maybe you need a light in the back of your property with no way to run electricity or maybe you just don’t want to bother with electricity. It really doesn’t matter because as you can see even from this small list of examples there are many different options when it comes to solar powered motion detector lights.