Solar powered post lights are devices which can be very useful to have installed around the house. They come in different forms and sizes, but the usual form factor involves having a device in the shape of a post, pillar or column. Some devices have a base at the bottom of the post, where there are holes or some other means of firmly attaching the device to the ground or pavement. Then, at the top of the device, one will usually be able to see the light fixture or fixtures. Often, the light bulbs in these solar post lights come in the form of LEDs, because these lights offer sufficient white light, with much lower levels of electric consumption than traditional bulbs, and they usually last for quite a long time, making it less likely that the property owner will have to swap in new ones on a regular basis, if at all. There may just be one light fixture, or there may be more. For instance, there are solar post lights which have two or three light fixtures at the top, some of which are hanging out from arms, similar to traditional street light designs. Then, also at the top, there is usually a solar panel for collecting energy during the day.

These devices are particularly beneficial because they can be put pretty much anywhere around a property. For instance, a solar post light can be installed in front of the house, so that it can illuminate the road in front, as well as the sidewalk, so that it can be easier to spot if there's someone out there, or someone parked out in front. At the same time, they can also be installed in gardens or lawns around the house, so that even if it is already evening, it is still quite possible for the house's occupants as well as visitors to hang out in the garden, maybe have some cocktails out back, or just sit around and talk, under the night sky. At the same time, these lights also serve a security function so that it's also much easier to tell if there's someone walking or skulking around in the back yard, or beside the house, and this will also help to deter any would be thieves or vandals. These are only some of the many examples of how these devices help to make life better for the owner of a property. Basically, solar powered post lighting really offers quite a wealth of possibilities.