Solar powered post lights don't have just one particular height, or a standard height for all devices. Instead, they can range from rather short post lights, all the way to some really tall ones, with various heights in between. This goes to the idea of having different lights for different purposes and different needs. For instance, a certain person might be looking for lights to make it easier for him to drive his sedan up his driveway. Now, especially if that sedan is a fairly small vehicle, he may not need post lights which are really tall. Since he just basically needs to be able to see the lights when he looks out the window or the windshield, even some fairly short solar post lights, even ones which aren't taller than the sedan, will do for his purposes. Now those solar lights which were okay for this first person, might not be of sufficient height for a second person, who wants to do the same thing, but whose vehicle is an SUV or something rather tall. In that case, for example, she might find that if she were to use really short post lights, she might hardly be able to see them when she looks out the windows or windshield. So in her case, she'll need to purchase something taller.

Now, if the person isn't simply looking to light up a driveway in order to make going up it easier, but is instead looking to illuminate the street in front of the house, or the sidewalk, or larger portions of a yard or lawn, then that person is going to need something even taller. The height required to help illuminate a driveway is much less than what is required to bathe a larger area in light. So in this case, the person may end up choosing to go with a light which is as tall as a street light, in order to make sure that the illumination reaches out to cover the desired area. Again, that is one of the great things about solar post lights. Whether a particular homeowner only needs something relatively short, or that person is looking for something much taller, that person will usually be able to find something that will meet his or her needs. These devices come in all manner of heights, and designs, and this range of choice is quite beneficial for anybody who is looking to invest in a solar powered post light or several.