One of the things that homeowners need to keep in mind when they purchase solar powered post lights, is the fact that these devices might require regular cleaning in order for them to continue to function well. Now this is in addition to having to clean the light fixture itself. This is something that these devices have in common with traditional lights. It's almost inevitable that any light fixture located outside will begin to accumulate some dirt and grime. After all, they're usually quite exposed to the elements. So when it rains and some of the rain water collects on the glass of the light fixture, when the water evaporates, it may well leave some residue, and over time this residue will accumulate and may very well make the glass less clear. A similar thing might take place regarding snow. In addition, there's also the possibility that dust will begin to collect on the surface of the light fixture, and if this isn't wiped of regularly, it might accumulate to the point where it will begin to affect the brightness of the illumination. Other possible sources of dirt exist. For instance, pigeons or other birds may very well end up leaving some of their droppings on the light bulb, which can make for a somewhat disgusting clean up job, when enough of them have accumulated on the light.

Solar powered lights have an additional concern with regard to cleanliness, however. One of the key components of a solar light is its solar panel. This is how it collects enough solar energy to power the light at night. Unfortunately, if this panel ends up accumulating dirt, this might begin to affect how effectively it's able to absorb the sun's rays during the day. If enough dirt collects on the panel, and thereby reduces its effectiveness, this may mean that the solar light will not be able to collect enough energy to meet its demands during the night, which might result in that particular light conking out, way before the sun rises the next day. This is why there is a need to ensure that as much as possible, the solar panel of each devices remains more or less clear. The cleaner the panel is, the more it is able to do its job, which makes the solar light much more useful and much more dependable. So again, as far as a solar powered post light is concerned, cleanliness may very well be key.