One of the nice things about solar powered post lights, is the fact that they offer a lot in terms of choice. For instance, no matter what your requirement is in terms of brightness, there will usually be a solar light product out there to meet your needs. Many if not most solar lights make use of LED lights as their bulbs. The reason LEDs are used is because they tend to last for very long periods of time, without having to be replaced, and their consumption of power is quite low. Power consumption is important for solar lights because they aren't connected to the electrical grid and are instead completely dependent on the sun for their energy. That is why it is important for them to make the most out of the energy they manage to accumulate during the day, so efficiency is a big deal. That is why they tend to use LEDs. So in terms of brightness, depending on how much light you'd like to shine in a particular spot, you can check for the number of LEDs a particular solar light has. The more there are, the greater the illumination, the fewer there are, the less bright the illumination will be. So you need to look at what exactly you wish to accomplish with the device.

If the solar light is being installed in an area where security and safety are issues, then you'll probably want to have bright white light shining in that location. For that, you'll want to check that the LEDs of the device give off white light, and you'll probably tend to go for devices which have a lot of LED bulbs. If, however, you'd like illumination, but at the same time, you're trying to go for a particular ambiance or atmosphere, then maybe really bright white light might not be for you, so in that case, you'll probably want to consider devices with relatively fewer LED bulbs, so that the end result isn't something much too stark. So again, you'll want to look at the number of bulbs. At the same time, some solar lights come with material in particular locations which helps to reflect the light emanating from the bulbs. These reflecting surfaces take the light that is already being given off and magnify or spread it further, increasing the illumination even more. So again, whether you're looking for something really bright, or something not quite as bright, a solar powered post light is something you can consider.