Solar powered post lights offer a lot of conveniences to the homeowner who chooses to install them. For me though, one of the main advantages of these lights over traditional ones, is the fact that they can potentially save a person so much time. After all, if you were to install lighting around your home the traditional way, there's a good chance that one of the things you'll have to figure out is how exactly to power the devices. Many traditional light products don't have a built in source of power, so there is then the need to somehow hook them up to an external power source. This may mean having to run some form of wiring or cord all the way from each particular light fixture, back to the house or to some place which has a source of electricity. Now, this isn't simply as easy as connecting a cable to the light and running it back to the house. After all, if someone were to do that, there's a good chance that over time, that wiring or cord would get damaged. Perhaps people might accidentally step on it. Or a car might run over it. Or pets might nibble or bite at it. The list of potential activities which could damage the wiring is a rather long one unfortunately.

Now in order to avoid such an unhappy possibility, there is a need to protect the wiring somehow, which also usually involves concealing it. This could very well mean that the homeowner will have to bury the wiring under his or her lawn or yard, so that the cord won't be subjected to the stresses of people stepping on it, or the car crushing it, or even the elements such as the sun or rain or snow, wearing away at the wiring. By burying the power cord, it has more protection from these and more, but at the same time, having to dig a little trench for the wiring does take time as well as a certain amount of planning. After all, where do you dig? How deep does it have to be? And there may be a need to do a little bit more digging for every light fixture you install, since there's a good chance that they will be located some distance from each other. So all this will take time, which is in sharp contrast to the situation with solar post lights, because these devices already come with their own way to generate electricity. There's no need to run wiring from each light to an external power source. As long as the solar light's solar panel receives enough sunlight during the day, then you're good. All you need to do is install the light, and it's already ready to go. This is just one of the ways that a solar powered post light saves you time.