Solar powered post lights offer the benefit of ease of transfer. If you're someone who isn't content to put things somewhere, and leave them in those locations more or less permanently, then this can be quite a boon. Now, this doesn't mean that moving a solar post light from one area to another is a complete breeze. A certain amount of work still needs to be done. After all, there's the possibility that the light was bolted down or screwed into place when it was first installed. So there will be a need to remove the bolts or reverse the screws, in order to free up the light so that can be transferred. So that might mean that you will first have to take a good look at what exactly is holding the light in place, so that you can figure out what particular tool will be needed for the job. If the light is screwed into place, you will need to look at the head of the screw so that you can figure out what type of screwdriver will be needed. Is the indentation a simple flat one, or is it in the shape of a cross? Then you'll also have to figure out just how tight the screws are. Will a simple manual screwdriver do? Or will the job require a power tool in order to budge the screws from their positions?

If what is holding the post down are bolts, then you will have to similarly scrutinize them, in order to figure out what tool is needed in order to remove the bolts. One the post light has been freed, however, it's a relatively simple matter to transfer the device somewhere else. Since each light comes with its own power source, there's no wiring to worry about which makes the process of transferring the device, and especially multiple devices, over to another area that much easier. This is precisely why these devices are so easy to transfer. In fact, there are even some solar post lights which simply have stakes which are driven into the ground. There's isn't even a set of bolts or screws to have to worry about. All that needs to be done to install it is plunge it into the dirt. So when it comes time to transfer the device, all you need to do is pull it out, relocate it, and drive it back in. How simple is that, and how portable? So again, this ease of movement is one of the big advantages of a solar powered post light.