Solar powered security lighting can be great to have when there are kids around. They offer adults the opportunity to discuss solar power and renewable energy in a way that is concrete and real. Too often, when adults discuss something with kids, the message is too abstract or vague, so kids can't quite see how a particular issue, directly affects their lives. With solar lights installed in the house though, this becomes less of a problem. The adult can start to discuss solar power and renewable energy, and at the same time point to the solar lights as examples of those concepts in action.

So for instance, the adult could choose to focus on solar panels, and describe how these devices are designed to absorb the sun's rays during the day, and then convert the sunlight into a form of energy that electronic devices can use. From there, the adult can then point out to the kid that the solar lights installed outside their house, each have their own small solar panel, which the device uses to charge an internal battery during the day, allowing the light to operate at night. So instead of having to make do with a purely abstract discussion, here the concepts become more real. Or if the adult wants to focus on the benefits of solar energy, then he or she can easily point out to the kid how, in the case of solar lights, they provide illumination which lights up the outside of the house, thereby making the family inside safer.

So these devices make concepts such as renewable energy more real. And everytime the kid sees the solar lights outside the house, these ideas are reaffirmed in his or her mind. So we have here other important benefits. The kids are helped to be made aware of the importance of protecting and taking care of the environment. Instead of taking the planet, clean air, clean water and more for granted, hopefully the child will consider more thoughtfully how all of us need to adjust our lifestyles, how we consume things, what we do with our waste, in order to minimize our own impact on the state of the environment. From there, hopefully the kids will consider how important it is to transition our energy use to sources which are renewable. All these lessons and more become a little bit easier to teach, with solar security lighting around the house.