The Solar Powered 'Tiki' Torch is the type of product I am immediately drawn to. Like all great ideas it is simple, and yet it is new and original. For years the average householder has been relying on electricity from the the national grid to power outdoor lights. Lights for the garden, lights for the garage area, lights for the drive way and lights to deter burglars. These lights often stay on all night and cost us not only money but a bad conscience because we are wasting the world's limited supply of fossil fuels to light up outside areas, often when we aren't even there.

This now can be rectified with the solar powered tiki torch. It has a cleverly concealed solar panel that generates electricity during the day and stores it in 2 rechargeable batteries. At dusk the torch automatically comes on and stays on all night. The torch has an adjustable height from 39" to 59". You simply push it into the ground and forget about it. It is durable and weather proof.

And the most genius thing about it is that it only costs $19.

That is very affordable. It makes the solar powered tiki torch one of the most practical first steps you can take in converting to using green energy. You don't always need to spend thousands of dollars on solar panels or wind turbines. Sometimes just a few dollars is necessary to have a positive impact on the environment.

It is called a 'tiki' torch because its bamboo woven design is reminiscent of Polynesian crafts. The light itself that it emits is a gentle flickering type which is more 'organic' and softer than the bright glare given off by a standard electrical bulb.

So if you have a garden which you entertain in at night, if you leave a light on outside the house, if you have a long drive way or dark garden path you should really consider buying one or more solar powered tiki torches. They will save you money in electricity bills and might just contribute to extending the life expectantcy of the planet.