I have been researching all kinds of ways to upgrade my back deck and yard in ways that make it look beautiful but without the added cost of renovation or construction and I have found solar powered water fountains to do the trick.

The budget is tight this year, and I have been visiting all the sales to get good deals on flowers and shrubs, but what I really like is adding whimsical things to the garden to accent the plants.  I love placing decorative and yet functional items, such as bird baths and wrought iron planters and other cute things that just add some personality amongst the greenery.

But one thing I really find relaxing is the sound of running water.  I would love to have a fish pond installed but the budget says “no” this year, so I started looking at water features and other ways to get water running but most of them required me to plug them in or attach a water source. 

This is not always practical especially since my older house only has one outside electrical outlet and it is nowhere near the flower garden or my back deck.

So, after researching, I came across this really cute and affordable solar powered fountain.  My yard gets lots of sun so I thought it would look really cute in the flower beds edging my patio where I will sit and relax and I love the colour.

It will get the sun needed to power this and I will get the running water sound that I really like.

Solar power has come a long way now, and even if you only have 4 hours of sun it will power the little pump for a good long time.

Solar Powered Water FountainCredit: Amazon.com
Smart Solar 21372R01 Ceramic Solar Koi Fountain, Blue Glazed Finish
Amazon Price: $89.95 $75.27 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 27, 2015)
This is really cute!

This keeps the water moving so that mosquitoes don’t take up residence and the water doesn’t go green.  Birds will love any kind of vessel with water in it, so you will not only get the water sounds but you will get more wildlife in the yard too looking for a drink, which is perfect.

With this cute little solar fountain the panel is separate with a wire, so you can place the collecting panel away from the fountain in the garden.  This is a great way to make sure it works even in the shade.  I love the ceramic dish part and the cute fish.

I think this will look great amongst my flowers in the bed around the patio.  There are many cool products of garden décor on the market now that work without power lines needing to be run; dug up gardens and yards can be a pain when trying to install anything permanent. 

So, if you are looking for some upgrades for your little oasis or private space in your yard, deck or even balcony of an apartment you don’t need to plug everything in or run water lines, you can find all kinds of decorating ideas online.

I find my local garden center doesn’t carry many whimsical things for the yard especially in the solar line of products.  So, by searching online you will find something a little different or something that will reflect your personality without breaking the bank. 

I love the portability of solar powered water fountains, as you can simply change where you want it to be without worry of underground conduits and mess.  So, if you want to add a few things to your yard this year or patio, then check out these little fountains and have fun with them. 

I have also found a great line of wrought iron garden décor that looks great against this blue water feature, but that is another story!