Solar power is more reliable than ever given the advancements of solar technology.  Moreover, many governments throughout the world are offering incentives in the form of tax breaks for solar initiatives—even at the residential level.  So, often, the purchase can be claimed on taxes as well as the installation.  The following items range from simple merchandise to more advanced installations; however, each can contribute substantially to a more sustainably powered home.

Solar-Powered Attic Fan

There may come a time when every home could be equipped with one of these; it certainly has the potential to impact households everywhere for the better.  Solar-powered attic fans harness the power of the sun to transfer heat from the home to the outdoors through the attic vent.  During hot weather, the fan can not only reduce heat, but it can diminish the need to run the air conditioning unit more frequently.  This can diminish electric bills considerably while ensuring that homes remain comfortable.  Solar-powered attic fans are among the most effective solar devices a homeowner can purchase today.  In nations like the U.S., their purchase and installation can qualify for tax credits.

Solar Security Lights

Many homeowners install security lights near backdoors and garage doors for added security.  Throughout the day, these lights charge up with the sun’s power.  At night, they can be switched on for convenience or their motion detection can be used as a security feature.  When someone draws near, the light’s sensor is activated and the light switches on automatically.  This activation has the power to deter anyone from attempting a break-in.  It can also simply provide necessary light when the homeowner tries to unlock the door. 

Emergency Solar Powered Generator

This is a great investment when one considers how often storms roll through knocking out power.  At the very least, homeowners can keep essential items running like refrigerators or have the power to charge their mobile phones.  There are various models, so homeowners should purchase one with enough power to fuel the items they will need such as freezers.  Easy to store and maintain, these solar generators are ideal for times of emergency. 

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters and their installation typically qualify for tax credits.  Not only do they save money at tax time, they have the potential to save the home owner substantially over a single year.  Their purchase cost and installation is soon swallowed up by the cost savings they generate.  Allowing the sun to heat household water with this device greatly diminishes the gas and electric costs typically needed to perform this function.  

Solar Laptop Charger

Many people keep their laptops running all the time; however, the need to plug this device in an outlet is ever-present.  How much energy does a laptop consume in a single year?  In two years?  Why not charge it with a laptop charger that harnesses the energy of the sun to charge up the laptop?  The computer users notices nothing different—the laptop runs as it should; however, the energy usage is decreased and, over time, the electric bill will decrease as well especially when other cost saving methods are employed on the energy front. 

These items are easily purchased online or from local home improvement centers.  Consumers will also have choices when it comes to product models and brands.  Be sure to read the reviews before making a purchase, but the sooner these items are incorporated into the home, the sooner the homeowner can enjoy their benefits.