The Robotic Mower can be set to work while you sleep. Leaving you stress free to do the other important jobs around your household. It will eliminate that extra work and back pain, although if you are worried about missing the exercise then take over and give the robotic mower a rest every second cut.


How the Robotic Mower could help reduce your workload:

  • Why break your back pushing the old lawn mower around the back yard every week?
  • As the bin fills with clippings which are twice as heavy when wet, you have to heave it up and empty it into the bin
  • Or you may have to cart it right around the back yard to the mulch heap.
  • If you have a descent size back yard then you will have to do this several times and it's not easy.
  • And then you still have to rake up the mess.
This comes with its own Auto recharge/ultrasonic radar. Has cordless anti slip with Li-ion battery and with a cutting speed of 21 meters per minute
Will cut on a slope of up to 40 degrees. This also has its own theft protection.

That is of course if the mower will start in the first place. How many times have you watched someone try to start one? They pull that cord over and over again. Eventually it coughs and splutters and you think at last…..and then it dies again. I would love to know how many times I have watched my husband do that when he had problems with his mowers. It happened more often for him because he had a lawn mowing business.

Water restrictions have encouraged many people to reduce the size of their lawns or have their yards brick paved instead of having this problem. This reduces some of the stress and cost of continual lawn fertilizing and maintenance.


Enter the Robotic Mowers 

These little beauties would end all your worries, no more back aches or fighting over who will mow the lawn. Yes some people actually enjoy mowing lawns, and it could help to reduce the waistline, so they would have to find another way of exercising if they bought one of these.


This RoboMow works will cut up to 4,500 sq feet on a single 24 hr charge. It has one blade that mulches the lawn reducing the need to rake up the clippings. Comes with an on-board sensor guiding it to mow without damaging anything.
This will save you on fuel and spark plugs.

Features and Benefits of Robot lawnmowers


  • They are battery operated and weigh a little over 20lbs
  • You turn them on and they work their magic on your lawn without leaving uneven lines on your lawn
  • These mulch the grass and the leaves back onto the lawn acting like a fertilizer- no more raking required
  • You can program them to work day or night as they are very quiet
  • Weather and waterproof – these are smarter than humans as it returns to its docking station if it rains, therefore keeping it in tip top condition.
  • Some are programmed to do this even if the grass is wet.
  • Some have a built in protection against theft.
  • They need a code to activate it.If moved without code an alarm like that of a car sound out.
  • The Lawnbott has bump sensors, which keeps it from damaging objects, children or the household pet.
  • No more running out of fuel when the lawn if half done.
  • No emissions so it is totally eco friendlySelf sufficient- works by itself and returns to docking station for recharging all on its own
This robot mower only weights 18 pounds so anyone could lift it and it will cut for 5 hrs on one charge.
You will never have to rake those clipppings as it mulches them and puts that goodness back into the ground. Which in addition helps to hold the water like composting.
This little beauty does not even nee a perimeter wire to operate.
Simply turn it on and leave it to do the work.

Can handle 27 degree slopes.

No matter what type of property you have there is a Solar Robotic lawn Mower for you. They will work even if the ground is unlevel. And guess what: you can program these to work whenever you choose without any further intervention from you. No more having to organize the lawn contractor to call when you are away on holidays. This robotic mower will continue to work while you are off having fun in the sun.

You do not have to be a millionaire to own one either. Like anything, you can choose which one best suits your particular situation starting from approximately $800.

So what are you waiting for go check this little robot out!

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This is the newest model out and so clever if you lift it 20mm off the ground it will stop in 20 seconds.
Has a built in rain sensor cutting width of 30cms