Solar sign posts are a great way to light up your entrance, your drive way or your address. Solar sign posts at pretty sign posts by day but by night, thanks to their solar panels, they will light up your home's address or anything else you want to showcase on your property.

Solar lights are so environmentally friendly as they light up your way without consuming energy, without any hard wiring, cords or any type of electricity. Your energy source is the sun, available to you every day without cost.

These sign posts look like a simple light post that has possibly an arm or hook that you can display a decorative item and have a light at the top that lights up the information on the post, the hook or the arm. During the day one sees a nice decorative landscaping item and during the night it is the same it is just highlighted with a solar light.

Some of the uses for these sign posts may include being used in landscaping and garden accents, possibly on your deck, patio, balcony or porch light. They can be used as a dock light, or at the ramp going on to your boat as a signage for your vessel. Finally the most common use of these solar signs is as a driveway or sidewalk sign or light.

Many RV'ers use these signs as a way to light up their site and to let people know who they are, where they are from and to welcome them into their home. Some also have shepherd hooks with a solar light or two hanging to light up the path to their door.

Solar outdoor lights and signs can be easily changed with your seasonal décor just by adding a new sign, color or symbol. They are also extremely portable as you simply pick them up and move them to where ever you want. No mess, no fuss and no wiring. These lights also add a security feature to your home by lighting up any dark corner, or entrance way to your home. Thieve always think twice when homes, both inside and out are well lighted. It also helps if emergency vehicles need to find your home in the dark when the address or sign is well lighted for easy identification.

Solar signs are a great way to add safety, beauty and unique landscaping features to your home. Check them out today and you will surely see a wide variety of options.