Solar Storm

Features Of Solar Storm Tanning Beds:

A Solar Storm Tanning Bed may be exactly what you are looking for if you have decided that it is time to invest in a residential unit.  With the average tanning bed salon charging $30-40 dollars a month for their services, it doesn’t require too many visits to justify the cost of purchasing your own home tanning unit.  When you consider the convenience of not having to leave the house to tan and the peace of mind knowing you are the only person using your machine, it becomes clear that there is more than just the savings that makes a solar storm tanning bed a great investment.  

If you have space to accommodate a residential bed (about the size of a twin sized bed), you may not realize how affordable bronzing units can be.  For less than $2000.00, you could have a uv bronzer in your own home with many features that you are used to seeing in professional tanning salons along with a few extras.  The most important feature of a solar storm tanning bed is the 24 bulb design that is rare in residential tanning beds.  Many home units have only 16 bulbs which results in base tans that have streaks or inconsistencies.  A 24 bulb design ensures you get a deep even bronze.

The solar storm tanning bed also has many additional features that are not common in home bronzing units such as a digital timer, an extra large surface to accommodate big and tall tanners, as well as 2 built in body cooling fans and an optional MP3 player input.  

Benefits Of A Solar Storm Tanning Bed:

With a home tanning bed packed with so many features you can expect to receive a tan that quick and uniform.  The tunnel design of the solar storm tanning bed surrounds 98% of your body with 24 high intensity UV bulbs.  The high intensity bulbs allow you to spend less time in your tanning unit compared to similar home beds.  The twin body cooling fans keep you cool and comfortable while tanning, and the MP3 input keeps you occupied.  The result is a experience unlike anything you will experience in a salon, or from any other home bronzing bed in the price range.  In addition, Solar Storm guarantees their frames for the life of the product, their electrical components for 10 years, and their parts and labor for 3 years, almost double many of their competitor’s warranties.  

Benefits Of A Residential Tanning Bed:

There are a number of benefits of buying a residential tanning bed besides the potential savings cost.  Primarily, privacy and convenience are the two benefits of the solar storm tanning bed people enjoy the most.  Many people feel uncomfortable getting into a bronzing bed nude, or even in a bathing suit.  Home bronzing allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed while getting the perfect bronze.  Additionally, home units allow you to tan day or night, at your convenience.  Avoiding the hassle of weather, traffic, lines, and travel in general makes a residential tanning bed worth the cost.  

If you tan regularly, a solar storm tanning bed may be the perfect solution to save you time, money, and increase your privacy and safety.  Just be aware of the size and maintenance of your home bronzing bed when considering your options.