Why use Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

Solar swimming pool heaters are an economical way to heat your pool.  They are simple systems that cost much less than systems designed to heat domestic water.  Although systems for heating the water that comes out of the tap are also cost-effective, they are much more expensive initially than solar pool heaters.  This is because the collectors needed for heating pools are much simpler.  Although standard collectors work for pool heating, they are more expensive than necessary.


Solar Heaters

Solar Pool Heating Options

Unglazed Flat Plate Collector

The most standard option for solar pool heating is a simple, affordable, unglazed, plastic collector.  This type of collector is a rigid panel, mountable on a nearby roof or on the ground.  The existing pool pump that circulates water through the pool filter alsopumps water through the collector.  The system is affordable because it requires little extra equipment.  There is no additional pump or storage tank needed.  The thermal storage tank is the pool itself.


Flexible Collector

The second type of solar collector for pools is a flexible strip of black plastic that has tubes for the water to cycle through. These collectors mount on almost any roof or on the ground.  The advantage of a flexible collector is that it is mounted where other PV panels or standard collectors will not fit.  The flexible strip follows the curves of roof tiles, and irregularly shaped parts of a roof.  These can even fill in odd spaces around conventional solar panels already on the roof. 


DIY Solar Pool Heater

The final option is to make your own pool solar heater.  DIY solar pool heating is actually easier than it sounds.  Use sections of black hose coiled up on a flat piece of plywood.  Hook your pool pump to the hose to pump the water through the hose.  The longer the hose, the more heating capacity your homemade collector will have.


Get The Most out of Solar Pool Heaters

If you decide to install a solar pool heater, there are some things you can do to maximize its value.  First, it is a good idea to combine your solar pool heating panel with a good solar pool blanket.  When your pool is not in use, this will dramatically cut down on the heat your pool loses due to evaporation, conduction, and convection on windy days.  These heat transfers will quickly sap your pool of its heat, making it cooler than the air temperature.  A solar pool blanket will keep that valuable heat in your pool instead of letting it go with the wind.

When positioning your solar panels, make sure that they receive direct sunlight.  The best angle for flat plate collectors is the latitude of your location plus 15 degrees for optimal performance in summer. For example, if you live at 45 degrees latitude, the best angle for your collector is 60 degrees from horizontal, approximately perpendicular to summer sunrays.

Solar swimming pool heaters help you to make the most of your pool and the energy you put into it.  They are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to heat pool water and maximize enjoyment of swimming pools.