Solar Powered Pedestal Garden Fountain

Until recently, solar fountains were not very popular because of their maintenance issues, but now they are available, with little concern, for outdoor as well as indoor décor. These fountains are constructed of quality materials and take up little space. They will easily fit your needs and space requirements. The most popular are birdbaths without tiers, but ones with tiers are more common. They come in sizes from small to large. Smaller ones usually find a place near patios and decks.

Solar water fountains not only costs less to run than electrical models, but they are also equally beautiful. Solar fountains add simple and soothing outdoor décor. In addition, you don’t have to worry about ugly wires or outlets ruining the view. They are environmentally friendly and cause negligible pollution.

Solar Aspects:

Solar Water Fountain Bird BathThe solar panels are arranged in such a way so they face the sun, harnessing its energy to start the fountain. Solar power is nothing new, but implementing it for new innovative ideas like water fountains is something which has just appeared in the last decade or so. These solar panels can run your solar water fountain all day without your worrying about the electrical supply and they are cordless. Fountains that are maintained on power supplies often have extra expenses attached to them: digging up the ground to place wires, creating outlets that are safe and functional, and a higher energy bill. These features do not exist with solar fountains.

Cords running through your landscape are an eyesore and potentially dangerous. You must always look for frayed wires that can cause electrocution or fires. Solar fountains dispense with the problem of having to switch the power on and off. They offer an “On Demand” feature that harnesses and stores energy for up to eight hours in solar cells for use whenever direct sunlight is unavailable. This feature is perfect for nighttime usage.

Solar Powered Wishing Well Water FountainGood solar fountains are ones that are lightweight and mobile so that they can be moved easily inside your home. They come with AC adapters to be used indoors. When they are outdoors, they have the convenience of not having to place them in a spot that has electrical outlets. They are both user-friendly and environmentally sound. In addition, they are almost maintenance-free.

The only disadvantage of using solar cells is that they do not store energy for longer than the eight hours mentioned above. Fountains that have an on/off feature help to alleviate this problem. Another disadvantage that may occur is the over-consumption of water because of evaporation. Evaporation tends to occur slowly but you must check water levels regularly so that the pump doesn’t burn out, causing irreparable damage.  It is advisable to clean the solar cell regularly to get good performance for a long life. A clear solar cell surface will definitely produce more energy to the pump and push the water with more force that results in a beautiful cascading effect.

Types of Solar Fountains

There are many types of solar fountains. They do not take up a lot of room so they can be used as table or wall models, giving them a decorative look.

If you are unsure about using a solar water fountain in your garden, then give it a try and see the results for this functional and beautiful product that is pollution-free and cordless.