There are many reasons why one may want a portable air conditioner, such as the need to have different areas cooled at different times, smaller space to be cooled or as a supplement to central systems.

Whatever the reason one needs a portable air conditioner, a Soleus air conditioner may be on his or her radar. If you are one of the many people who may need a portable air conditioner, then read on for a review of the Soleus LX-120.

The Soleus LX-120 is a portable air conditioner that has a 12,000 BTU cooling capacity; this should cool an area approximately 300 to 450 square feet. The LX-120 can also heat a similar area.

Air movement for this unit is 225 cubic feet per minute, which means that 225 cubic feet of air are passed by a given stationary point in one minute. The LX-120 removes sixty pints per day of moisture from the air, so its dehumidifying ability is apparent. The average price for this model is approximately $399.

Soleus claims, "Innovative products for a more energy efficient world," and the company has initiated its new "Green Campaign."

Central HVAC systems must meet certain criteria by law now regarding their efficiency; however, window and portable units are exempt. The LX-120 has a 9.15 energy efficiency rating, which does not qualify it for Energy Star, but this is not out of line for this type of unit.

The unit has a sleep mode, compressor indicator light and an emergency condensate holding tank among its features.

The Soleus LX-120 is very quiet at a respectable forty-six decibels or less. The heavy duty casters on this model also make for easy movement of this 82 pound piece of equipment from place to place, actually making it portable.

Lights indicate when the compressor turns on and off and the temperature can be controlled with a fully adjustable thermostat. Three fan speeds for custom ventilation round out the features on the LX-120.

This Soleus air conditioner is not without its flaws, however. There have been consumer reports of problems involving the accumulation of condensation, especially in areas where humidity is a factor.

The emergency condensate holding tank fills with water and needs to be emptied. The tube to empty this is difficult to access. The swing action of the louvers is automatic up and down; however, it is not automatic left to right.

These are not necessarily deal breakers unless the humidity is high enough to be a concern; however, the literature from Soleus states that the humidity must be "incredible" for the emergency condensate holding tank to be needed.

For those seeking to purchase a portable air conditioning unit for a 300 to 450 square foot area, the Soleus LX-120 may be a good choice for $399.

Factor the humidity of your area into the decision and speak with the air conditioning professional. This particular Soleus air conditioner seems to be more than adequate for most uses and is reasonably priced.