Tips for Solo Flight Travelers

Sure sounds exciting to travel alone, without all the trouble of having a whiny company that might spoil the fun. Though it can be really fun to take vacations with friends too, but sometimes when you want to go somewhere, your friends can't get the time off like perhaps don't have the money, etc. So going by your self can be fun too. Well that’s just not all about it; you also can go to any best spots the place can offer and might also get to do things that you alone can keep such as going to fetish hotels and exotic massage--- everything or anywhere else that are best kept as a secret. But before doing all the roundabouts, it’s always best to be prepared, well-equipped, and precautious. Who knows? You might come across the inevitable like getting lost, mugged, and even kidnapped by organ thieving syndicates and, and… well that’s just too extreme. But it’s always wise to be prepared in every situation. 

The good part about going alone is that you are on your own schedule. You can get up/go to bed when you please, see only the sights that are interesting to you, eat at the restaurants you like, and if you feel like spending more or less time at a certain museum, area of the city, etc, then you can adjust your itinerary without having to check in with the others to make sure they are cool with it. 

  • Before anything else, the number one rule is--- Wear the most comfortable shoes. Nobody wants to walk around with a sore feet after hours of doing all the runarounds.
  • Do not hang your purse on the back of your chair when eating out in a restaurant. Keep your purse on your lap or have your foot in the strap (people do steal purses left on the floor).  Don't let your purse out of your sight, don't like putting it down anywhere or leave it. There'll be a 50% it'll get stolen. Always try to avoid carrying an expensive looking bag or purse.
  • It’s fine to travel by yourself, but just be smart. Don’t get too drunk, never pull out large amounts of cash, and don’t trust people easily. Go with your instincts; don’t get a hooker, and don’t buy drugs from strangers. It’s perfectly fine, and a lot of fun to travel by yourself, as long as you use the same common sense you would in your own town.
  • The only bad part is that certain aspects like enjoying the local nightlife are typically more fun with a friend. And obviously you have to keep your wits about you when travelling, especially alone. Don't wander though dangerous neighborhoods, hang out by yourself late at night, or get really drunk so you are an easy target for crime. Also sometimes you see something cool that you wish someone was there to share the moment with you, but just take lots of pictures to post for your friends, and maybe make them jealous so next time they will come with you! 

Wherever you want to go, always implement caution especially after dark and don’t just hang to any areas and bus stations, toilets, etc. and being careless. On today’s age, no one is totally safe especially if you are not street wise; bad guys spot you a mile away. There can be perverts waiting around the corner or others may kill you for drug money. Stay in a crowd of older folks whenever possible. Do not act scared; they look for that for an easy victim, in other words, always check your surroundings. Good Luck & may God keep you safe.