Magic find runs were popular in Diablo 2 and will make a return in Diablo 3 with the release of the real money auction house feature. "Magic Find" is a stat that increases a character's chance to find magical items. This does not increase the rarity or value of the items that will drop in each zone but will increase the chance that these items will drop. Loot will drop for each player in Diablo 3, as opposed to an enemy dropping loot and players fighting to pick it up faster than the others. In Diablo 2, the loot that dropped from an enemy would be based on the player that got the killing blow's total magic find. In Diablo 3, all the players in each party's magic find will be added together and averaged evenly between everyone. This will prevent players from stacking magic find and letting other players do all the work. When playing Diablo 3 solo, your follower's magic find is added to your own. This will give you complete control over the game and the amount of magic find you have.

Players will have to decide how they want to magic find runs in Diablo 3. There are many things to consider when it comes to doing magic/gold find runs like difficulty, speed, etc. There are many advantages to running magic find runs solo or with a group.

Group MF runs - With every new player that joins a Diablo 3 game, the difficulty, speed, health and amount of enemies will increase. This means that enemies will be much harder to kill but there will be more of them, giving you access to more possible loot per run. You will also have access to more buffs, heals, crowd control and other abilities that other classes have to offer. Most magic find runs will take place in Inferno mode (Diablo 3 end game content). This is where all the best loot in the game will drop. If you plan on doing magic find runs with a group, be sure to find players that have similar amounts of magic find, good communication and dps. Having a solid group will make magic find runs faster and more successful. 

Solo MF runs - Blizzard Entertainment has stated that players WILL be able to solo Inferno mode. If you decide to do magic find runs by yourself, you will have access to your own personal magic find as well as your follower's. You will also be able to control the speed of the game and not worry about other players wanting to go somewhere else or going afk. If you have a full group in Inferno mode and one or more players go afk, you will most likely have to wait until they return before you can start clearing content again. 

Regardless of how you want to complete MF runs, you will need to balance abilities and gear. The faster you complete magic find runs, the more loot you will receive. The key is to have as much magic find as possible without sacrificing important survival and damage stats. Once Diablo 3 is released, you will be able to decide which type of MF run works best for you and your personal play style. Gamers will be looking for the best classes, skills, zones and gear for these runs as soon as the game is released. With the release of the real money auction house, magic find runs will give players access to the best possible gear to sell for real world currency.