Bullying amongst children has been an age old problem, but with the advent of technology and awareness in today’s world, people can get proactive about how to prevent bullying. It is vital for kids and adults alike to become aware of its dangers. Unfortunately, many children have been affected by bullying, and so it is important for people to help prevent it from spreading. Before we get into the solutions to bullying for parents, we first need to find out how to identify bullying. 

How to Identify Bullying?

Bullying is aggressive conduct towards another individual or a group of individuals. Bullying usually is defined when aggression is used towards school faring children and when it happens more than once over time. 

Solutions to Bullying

Bullying can come in the form of verbal, emotional and physical abuse which includes, verbal and/or physical threats, spreading rumors about others, ostracizing someone, etc. When you know how to identify bullying, it is easier to understand solutions to bullying, especially for parents. In addition, cyber-bully is a major problem. Internet parental controls and internet monitoring are important solutions to bullying.

Solutions to Bullying for Parents

After you’ve identified what bullying is, it is important for parents to be proactive if your child comes to you about the issue. One of the solutions to bullying includes being aware of any trouble your child may be having at school when it comes to negative social interaction with other students. 

Solutions to Bullying- Parent

Be Aware of your Child's Mood

Be conscious of your child’s mood and be sure to ask him or her about school. Keeping an open communication channel is extremely important. Talk to your children and also listen, both are equally important. Talking and listening to your children are the first and second solutions to bullying for parents. 

Teach your Child how to React Positively

Next you’ll want to make sure you talk to your child about how to react when bullied. It is important to make it clear that physical or verbal retaliation is not one of the solutions to bullying. Reacting in the same way as a bully can actually make the bullying worse. So it is important to teach your child how to react and how to safely walk away. 

Take the Higher Road

Helping your child walk away from bullying goes hand in hand with teaching your child that insults and name calling will not hurt them. Insults are a major bullying tactic, and so it is important to let your child know that name calling should not intimidate them. 

Contact Proper Authorities

If your child is being bullied more than he or she can handle, then it is important that you let your child know how to act. Contacting teachers, school councilors, or school administration is a good way to proceed. If an adult is present, then bullying can be avoided. 

Get Involved

Lastly, if the bullying is out of hand, it is important for you as a parent to get involved. Part of the solutions to bullying include contacting your child’s school to address the problem. You may also want to join a parent’s against bullying group to learn how to deal with bullying.  Remember that solutions to bullying are easy, you just need to stay vigilant and be proactive.