As this economic slump doesn't appear to be improving any time soon, many companies are looking for solutions to sales and marketing problems that they are experiencing.  It's true that people are holding back their cash more and that there just isn't enough money available for decent marketing.  What solutions are there?  You will find the answer to this question in this article.



Sales Marketing Problems

 One major sales problem is that people do not want to pay pull price for things these days.  If people are actually going to part with their cash, they want to know they are getting the best deal they can, they know the importance of money and the internet has offered the perfect tool for a smart shopping environment.  Now the knee-jerk reaction would be to drop your sales, but this can be a bad decision as you may get more customers, when you raise your sales, those customers may not take too kindly to you raising the prices again.  Of course, you would have to raise the prices again to make sure you were making enough money.

There are many great solutions to these sales problems.  One way to tackle it would be to alter your offer to make it have greater value to your potential customers.  If you add a payment plan, or increase the payment time allowed, this could help drive customers to want to spend with you.  It could also be that you find a way to include an incentive, so that when they spend money on your service or product, they get extra.  This will help the customer feel like they are getting a bargain.


Another marketing and sales problem you might encounter is that people don't actually understand what your business is about and what it does.  One pitfall that many companies fall into is not making it clear what they are actually about.  They may have representatives that will give you all the hard facts and statistics about the company, but you are still none the wiser to what it is they actually do; the success of a company depends on the business marketing strategies used to build the reputation and brand of the business.


Solutions to these sales and marketing problems?

You have to when speaking to customer, in advertising and even in your store (or wherever people may come to see you) make it absolutely clear, in the most simple of terms what it is you do, how you do it and what people will get from you!  There is no point having a coffee house, which tries to be so upmarket that it actually hides the fact that it's a coffee house and people walk by.  Your coffee could be the best coffee, but if people don't know that's what you do, how can they be expected to come and buy your coffee?


There are many other marketing and sales problems, some of them are more complicated than others, while some are like the ones mentioned in this article.  It takes a little bit of common-sense and knowledge of your target customers.  If some of your sales team are doing better than others, you could use them to teach and motivate the ones that are lagging behind.  That is a great, proactive solution to that particular sales problem. 


The fact that you are reading this suggests that you realise the importance of finding solutions to sales and marketing problems, there is a wide variety of information, tips and strategies available online.