As a strategic planning facilitator, your goal at the end of the day is to ensure that the people you are training understand the value of what you are training and can put it to good use. If you aren't able to get your trainees to correctly implement what you've trained them on, then you have essentially failed your goal as a facilitator. There are a lot of techniques when it comes to facilitating but all of them start with adult learning methodologies as their base.

The first and most important thing to learn is the concept of WIIFM. WIIFM stands for What's In It For Me. Adult learners will only listen to something you are training when they know what they stand to gain from your training. In the case of strategic planning for example, an adult learner will listen to a strategy like S.M.A.R.T when they know that correct goal setting will get their subordinates to perform better.

You will find as strategic planning facilitator that adult learners also learn best when you communicate with them correctly. Unlike high school or college students who listen in order to pass, employees will only listen if you are able to communicate with them correctly. There are four basic communication types and are typically compared to animals in most communication books. There are the drivers who are compared to tigers, the analytics who are compared to owls, dolphins who are considered the expressive and the pandas who are considered the amiables.

Adult learners are the type of trainees who need to be made to participate. This means asking questions, using games and activities such as ice breakers and basically anything that will encourage them to participate with the group in general.

It is also important to note that different types of learners learn better when they are able to immediately put what they learn into practice. Asking them to create a Strategy On A Page after they learn about it for example, is one way for them to truly absorb what they've learnt.

As a facilitator, it is important that your biggest consideration should be your trainees. Correctly using the methodologies above will help you as strategic planning facilitator deliver the message you want to.

The Quality of Personal Attention

If you get the services of a strategic planning facilitator, you can maximize the potential of your business. If you hire the best, they have specific way of approaching their relationship with you as a client. For starters, you'll get personal attention and someone who'll treat your business unique from any other businesses. Keep in mind that what your need is inimitable from other companies and other business owners. That's why you'll need a strategic planner that will work for you directly as well as someone you'll have immediate access to you.

Being the person who makes the decisions in terms of your company's wellbeing, the strategic planner should stand right next to you every step of the way. If you ever run into any kind of problem with your business, they'll be there to help you implement the best solutions. Just in case you're not really sure about which actions to take, you'll have an expert to help you. Indeed, with a strategic planning facilitator behind you, your business will reach its optimum success.