Halloween used to be about knitting, stitching, and sewing for hours to make a single costume; however, times have changed and people have been getting busier! Nobody has the time to devote to making costumes anymore, and many women are looking for easy costume ideas to execute! Some of the easiest costumes take as little as an hour to create, and can even be thrown together on October 30th as a last minute outfit!

You will be able to find an easy costume that suits you, whether you’re a teenager that wants to show some skin on Halloween or a grandmother that is heading to a seniors’ party!

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This article is filled with easy costume ideas for women that can be worn on Halloween or to any costume party that they have coming up! You can purchase them online, create them yourself, or even manipulate a store-bought costume to make it your own!

Dress Up As A Beauty Pageant Winner

This is one of the easiest costumes for women to create because it merely involves the clothes that you will probably already have in your closet! When you think about it, women that enter into beauty pageants basically wear formal dresses and shoes!

In order to create your own homemade beauty pageant costume, you must dress up like you are going to a formal dinner! Throw on your best evening gown and pair it up with a nice pair of shoes and some jewellery.

However, the two main accessories that will truly take this costume to the next level are:

-A tiara

-A sash that has a country name on it (for instance, “Miss America”)

You can make the sash out of a long sheet of paper, and I’m sure that you or one of your friends has a tiara lying around their house.

This is definitely the perfect costume to create if you are a woman that is stuck figuring out what to dress up as on the night before Halloween...it is basically one of the best last minute Halloween costume ideas that you can execute.

On the other hand, you can check out the beauty pageant costumes that are offered on Amazon if you are planning it in advance.

Become A Runaway Bride (Or Bridesmaid)

I have only seen one woman wear this costume, but I definitely have to commend her for doing so because it literally made everyone in the Halloween party laugh their heads off! Runaway Bride is a popular movie that starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere; that simple fact makes this one of the best easy costume idea for women that love movies.

A runaway bride costume simply involves dressing up as a bride in running shoes. I don’t think that many people have a spare bride’s costume lying around in their closets; however, I am almost sure that everyone that is reading this owns a pair of running shoes that they can incorporate into this costume.

Take a look at these bride’s Halloween costumes and see if you find one that suits your budget. Pair it up with your nicest pair of running shoes, and you will have created a do-it-yourself runaway bride costume.

Alternately, you can dress up as a runaway bridesmaid as a parody to this costume by using an old bridesmaid’s dress that you would have probably never worn again! This is also the perfect way to recycle an old bridesmaid’s dress!

Create A DIY Rapunzel Costume

Dressing up as Disney characters for Halloween can be a fantastic idea because they are recognizable by almost anybody, and will encourage people to talk about you and reminisce about their childhood! People would automatically assume that a do-it-yourself Rapunzel costume would be difficult to create; however, you can be dressed up as this Disney character in absolutely no time!

Rapunzel was recently known to wear a purple gown, so I would highly recommend finding a purple dress or evening gown to wear on Halloween. Any colour would work fine, but a purple gown would give off the best effect when it comes to this Rapunzel costume.

The most important aspect of this Disney costume is her hair! Unfortunately, not many people were blessed with extremely long blonde hair, so you should really look into buying a wig. Luckily for you, there are many Rapunzel wigs that are available online, so I would really recommend dishing out the cash to buy one because creating one yourself would be nearly impossible!

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All of these costume ideas are perfect for women that are looking for a quick and easy solution. I wouldn’t say that they are the easiest Halloween costume ideas, but they will definitely get the job done quickly. You really don’t need any skills to create the outfits...just a spare hour and some great instructions!