Toothpaste has been found in history as far back as the 4th century AD. A reference is found in manuscripts from Egypt that actually reference it. Though, the modern type we know and use today was patented in 1892 by Dr. Washington Sheffield. It called Dr. Sheffield’s Crème Dentifrice. Since that time a lot of things have changed, but more have stayed the same.  

This small tube was intentionally created to keep the mouth fresh, choppers polished and breath smelling clean. However, it actually has a multitude of valuable uses we never even thought of. This article outlines it’s more than fair share of taking care of other business outside of our mouths.

Keeps your hands free of odor                                         

Ever cut onions or cook something with a scent that simply clings to your hands? Well, toothpaste will get rid of the odor with ease. Simply use a damp cloth or apply it directly to your hands and fingers and lather as if you are using soap.  The offending smell of things such as garlic and onions is gone when you rinse your hands.

The odor eliminating abilities it has for your mouth is simply transferred to your fingers and hands believe it or not.

Get rid of those crayon stains on the walls                                           

Whenever you have little fingers staining your walls with colorful crayon creations, do not fret. Try a little magic with this goo you keep in the bathroom and see the stains go away. Apply some to a wet rag and wipe the crayon marks from your walls with ease. Wipe off any residue with a clean damp towel.

Crayons are simply wax and the grit and cleaning properties found in this item work to eliminate these ingredients from the wall’s surface.

Hang works of art

Posters or other lightweight art work creations are able to hang on walls with a little dab of toothpaste. Surprisingly, this is not one of the added benefits you would imagine for this small wonder. Yet, it works.

Use the four corners of your masterpiece and simply add a drop to each one. Replacing tape, glue and other sticky residue items on your creation with something chemical free is terrific. Simply apply and hang. When you are ready to remove, carefully pull the piece of work from the wall and wipe the spot with a damp cloth.

Polish jewelry

This little pearl is great for polishing your gems. Surprisingly the same chemicals used to whiten and polish teeth also work for making dull looking rings and necklaces sparkle again. It is better than other chemicals sold in the store for the same purpose because it doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals and fumes.

Everyone who wears jewelry has certain pieces we wear more than others. These are generally considered the favorites. Wearing these continually and more often leads to making a dull and less shiny appearance. There is a way to bring back the luster and shimmer they once had.

Jewelry is created from a variety of metals which fade from shiny to dull either through wear and tear or time. When you store these in a cool and dark place like a jewelry box you notice the gleam they once had is gone. Bring these items back to life using a little toothpaste.

Use a bit on a cool dry rag for jewelry to shimmer and glisten once again. Old toothbrush works great to get into the crevices and nooks of your jewelry.

Soothe a stinging bug bite

Ingredients found in toothpaste that cool your warm mouth will also cool a burning bug bite. The little fiery nip and irritation felt after you get the bite of a bug is nerve-racking. The nagging feeling of wanting to scratch at this area will drive you crazy if you let it. Finding something already in the medicine cabinet that takes that sensation away is nice.

Bug bites can drive you crazy with the burning and the itching which generally comes with them. This is especially true if you ever had one in a hard to reach place. The soothing properties used for your mouth also work on your skin for bites from bugs. Dap a small amount on the bite area and breathe a sigh of relief.

In conclusion

Surprisingly this little container of ingredients used every day by billions to clean teeth and freshen up a sour mouth is ideal for other unique and creative functions. Instead of spending the extra money to clean up dull jewelry, sooth bug bites, buy extra products to remove crayon from walls or hang up pictures of art, you will take care of these various jobs using what you have on hand. Why spend more money on something you already have and use daily.

Besides the inexpensive cost and the money you will save, imagine the wonder of eliminating offending odors without using chemicals. Anything safe enough to put in your mouth is safe enough for any other task around your house.


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