The platinum credit card from Master Card is one of the best cards that you can get your hands on. The card has a lot of benefits, some common to every MasterCard credit card and specifically allotted for the platinum card. With this card you will really know the value and power of a reputed brand.

Emergency Services

Assistance provided at critical times is worth much more than cash back offers or reward points. The Platinum card offers round the clock emergency services along with extra security. The highlight of this emergency assistance is the 24 hour toll free assistance which is available in more than 140 languages. If you have lost your card, you can get emergency card replacement which will just take a day within the US and couple of days outside. You can also avail the cash machine locator service to let you know where you can use your card to get cash if you need it. The customers of the platinum Mastercard credit card can also get emergency cash advances and protection against sharing of identity information.

Zero Liability Insurance

If your card is stolen, you can report it and get a replacement. Similarly you will also get protection against identity theft. Most importantly, you can get zero liability insurance which means if there are any fraudulent transactions being reported on your monthly expenditure report, you don't have to pay a cent towards them. The insurance will take care of it. This way you can stay protected from fraudulent use of your card. The insurance coverage will be provided to you if you have taken complete care to safeguard your card, your account is in pretty good standing and you haven't reported 2 or more fraudulent events in the past 1 year.

Round the clock concierge

With your Master Card, you can avail special services like the exclusive concierge program to help you plan for business, entertain and vacations in advance. You can plan business services, events and provide etiquette and protocol information. You will also get electronic reminders for important tasks which are business related or personal. You can also get limo and car information, reservation for special events, reservations and information about golf courses, gift and incentive ideas to colleagues and friends, lost luggage assistance, reservations for theaters, special programs or concerts and airline and lodging information anywhere. With the Platinum Master Card credit card, you could meet and greet services and enjoy the constant assistance provided to you wherever you go. The concierge support in fact takes care of all your business and entertainment coordination needs by loading you with appropriate information.