Argan oil benefits are gaining much popularity in the cosmetic world today as a "miracle ingredient". The oil has high amounts of Vitamin E and as much as eighty percent of fatty acids which is necessary for healing many skin conditions, and as an added benefit it protects against premature skin aging caused by oxidation. The Argan tree is known as the "tree of life" in Morocco, as it has supported the many people and their livestock in dry, hot climates. The Argan tree germinates kernel which produces the oil. Humans will consume the oil either internally or externally. The shells from the nuts are then used as fuel. Moroccan women have used argan oil for centuries to protect their hair, skin and nails from the dry conditions they live in. The argan tree is pretty rare, this makes argan oil production limited,  thus making it one of the most expensive oils world-wide.

 Traditionally, argan oil production begins by hand. Initially the shelled kernels show a nut and then stripped off the soft pulp and laid to dry in the sun. Once the nuts dry out, a stone cracks open the nut to show seeds. The seeds are then roasted to make a nutty flavor to the oil. Thereafter, the seeds are ground into a paste with a little water. The paste is then pressed by hand to extract the oil out of the paste. This process is very time-consuming. Bare in mind it can take ten hours to extract just one liter of argan oil. In todays commercial world, machines are able to mass produce the oil so the consumer can buy it and see the argan oil benefits. The one disadvantage is that the oil only has a shelf life of three to six months. This together with the limited amount of argan tree make the oil expensive and rare.

Argan oil benefits include skin healing and protection. It is known to heal scars, have anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties, and protects against the sun. The ingredient responsible for all the qualities is triterpenoids. Argan oil has large amounts of Vitamin E to help slow down the aging process. Western women know the effects of the very polluted environment they have become accustomed to, so the anti-oxidant of the argan oil aids in neutralizing the damage from free radicals. It also has saponins which helps to soften the skin, good for cracked heel treatment and dry elbows. Many women are especially pleased with the fact that one of the benefits of argan oil is that it helps reduce wrinkle appearance on the skin. If you have a burn, the cooling and anti-inflammatory effects will speed up the healing process.

Another benefits of argan oil is that it has eighty percent unsaturated fatty acids. This property makes it resistant to oxidation. In addition, it has sterols which aid in the metabolism of skin, helps reduce inflammation and helps keep moisture.

Medicinal benefits of argan oil include lowering of cholesterol levels and its anti-cancer properties. Argan oil is the only oil to contain plant sterols, schottenol and spinasterol. These sterols are uniquely joint like no other vegetable oil which help block cholesterol absorption from the intestines. These sterols also have anti-cancerous properties.

Here's is a list of argan oil benefits:

  • It eases pain caused by arthritis  and slows down the degenerative process of the diseases.
  • Argan oil soothe other skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. In addition it will cut redness caused by chicken pox and prevent stretch marks when used during pregnancy.
  • The oil supports digestion by increasing the level of pepsin produced in the gastric juice. The flavonoids found in the oil is a natural anti-inflammatory for internal and external use.
  • A German study found that it lowers cholesterol levels and helps strengthen the immune system. The study showed that taking a small amount of argan oil reduced cholesterol levels for over a month. Prostaglandins is a by-product of the acids found in the oil which help the body's immunity and is useful for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Historically, Moroccans believed that argan oil had aphrodisiac properties. This property increases a person's want and ability to have sex. This could be due to the high concentration of Vitamin E, which is excellent for regulating the sex organs and heart.
  • It fights against rheumatic diseases. It will help prevent rheumatic fever which can cause heart damage, joint damage and brain damage as well.
  • Furthermore, it prevents any muscle degeneration which is part of the aging process.

This oil is often called liquid gold by hair stylists because of argan oil benefits for hair. It has the amazing property of give dry, lifeless hair a shiny gloss for everyone to admire. Argan oil works by penetrating the hair shaft thereby improving its elasticity and providing the proper nourishment for hair growth. Furthermore, it is a natural moisturizer for hair and is able to contain frizz hair as well. It will make the hair smoother and more manageable. The anti-oxidant property mentioned earlier also aids in strengthening and repairing damage hair follicle. Another benefit to argan oil is the Vitamin E content which will renew and repair hair damaged by over styling and heat products. For women with split ends, apply this oil to the root ends and the fatty acids found in the oil will not only cure the split ends but it will strengthen it too. If you are a frequent hair color, argan oil will increase the life of your color and prevent your hair from becoming brittle. Hair stylists are now recommending the use argan oil for hair damaged by environmental conditions, use of excessive heat products and perms. Many stylists feel that the oil is able to bring back the hair to its original condition and bring some shine and luster to those locks.

Argan oil benefits makes it a wonder oil. With all the benefits not only for cosmetic purposes but for medicinal purposes makes it worth purchasing.