No matter the reason, coloring your hair can be a wonderful way to boost your self-esteem. Young or old, a new look can make your feel great.


Weather you decide to do it yourself or go to a salon, there are a few things you should know first. Hair color can cause severe damage to your hair if not applied correctly. A hair dresser may be a bit more expensive but if you are unsure of your ability to do it yourself then it may worth the extra money. Once it's done it is very hard to undo.


Choosing the right color for you may be a problem. If you are unsure about what you want then it may be best to go with a temporary color to begin with. These usually take several washings to come out but it is much quicker than waiting for it to grow out. A good hairdresser can fix it but it is likely to severely damage your hair. It’s easy to find hair color ideas that might look good on you. You can look through fashions magazines or just experiment a little on your own.


Going from very dark to very light hair can be somewhat tricky. It may very well take several colorings to get your hair the shade you want it. The shade on the box is rarely the real color you get. It depends greatly on the color your hair is before you color it. If it takes more than one coloring you will need to wait a couple of weeks between colorings.


There are products that are only available to hairdressers. A hairdresser has the products and experience to get it right without multiple colorings. If you do it yourself then it will be an experiment to get it right until you know the correct combination.


Highlights are great for bringing out the color of your hair. They are also very difficult to do especially without help. Unless you have done this before or have someone helping who has done it before then I would recommend letting a professional do this for you.


Coloring your hair may be as cheap as $3 for a box to do it at home or over $100 at a beauty salon. Keep in mind that as your hair grows it will need more different hair color ideas and touch ups.