Dedicated hosting is used by all big corporate websites with special security needs and high resource usage. This has led to the common misconception that dedicated hosting is the most powerful hosting option available in today's market. Actually colocation hosting is far better than dedicated hosting. In this type of hosting the host is responsible for things like air conditioning, server storage space, UPSs and fire controls. In most cases, managing the server is client's own responsibility. Since the facility containing the servers is continuously monitored by trained security personnel, the server owner gets foolproof protection against theft and vandalism.

In a typical colocation hosting plan the client gets a rack for his server, a high-speed internet connection and automatic backup service. In some advanced plans, you can also rent a server from the company instead of purchasing one from the market. In case of a technical problem, the hosting company tries to get it solved as soon as possible. Therefore, colocation hosting gives a lot of stability to your website. By choosing it you can be sure that your website will stay online 24/7.

Usually colocation hosting plans cost more than dedicated plans. However, the difference in cost is almost negligible as compared to the difference in features. Also, getting the same results without going for a colocation plan can cost thousands of dollars. Let's say you want top-notch security and stability for your server but you don't want to pay for a colocation plan. In that case you'll have to hire technical engineers, IT managers and security personnel. You will also need a fast internet connection with lots and lots of bandwidth. It's highly likely that these costs will sum up to thousands of dollars.

This type of hosting also gives you complete control over your server. Since you have the ownership of the machine, you can make any changes to its hardware and software. That means you can install any firewall, antivirus or  operating system. You can also change the amount of physical memory, disk space etc. This flexibility doesn't come with most other forms of hosting.

Colocation hosting is one of the best web hosting solution available on the internet. If your website contains valuable information like credit card numbers or customer data, then you should guard it from all types of threats, physical as well as digital. Only colocation hosting can give you that kind of protection.

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