Generators have become a necessity in this ever changing world. Whether you are going for a camping trip or organizing a small get together, a generator is the first thing that will come in your mind while preparing your list. If you are looking for an efficient, powerful and portable generator, then Yamaha can be the perfect choice.

It can be the perfect solution for your compact needs. The generator is designed to deliver a clean continuous power of 1000 watts. Let's take a look at some major benefits and features of eF1000 at a glance.

>>>> Optimum Fuel Efficiency…Do not go by its size. This portable highly powerful generator features a single 0.6 gallon tank that can provide energy for more than 12 hours at a stretch. You need not have to refuel it again and again to get the power working due to its optimal fuel efficiency.

Apart from this, the machine automatically adjusts the engine speed as per the current load. This is the major cause of fuel effectiveness. Another great feature is the dual coil alternator stator that lowers the speed of the engine, further reducing the total consumption of fuel.

>>>> Protects Delicate Appliances from Potential Damages…In order to protect your appliances such as television, computers, microwaves etc. You need a stable wave AC voltage outputs. Yamaha eF1000iS supports features that protect your delicate machineries from damages. The innovative inverter system used in the generator's design delivers much cleaner and quality electricity.

>>>> Amazingly Quiet… No one likes to hear disturbing sound of generators. It is known to be one of the most annoying sounds in the world. Well, with the Yamaha eF1000is you do not have to worry about the sound at least. The portable generator features noise reduction technology that reduces the noise during heavy operations, and ensures quiet operation in normal circumstances. Also, the manufacturer used built-in muffler to keep the noise minimal.

>>>> Ultra-Portable… If you belong to a category of people who are just fond of adventure, then you should not miss this product. You can carry it anywhere you want due to its portability feature. It can easily fit into your car, trunk, or even in a motorboat. The generator weighs only 27.6 pounds, and can be easily carried by a single person.

>>>> Fully Loaded Panel… It has a lot to offer in terms of both, functionality and features. It is convenient to use, easy to carry and access. The centrally positioned control access system lets you operate everything you need with just a single push button. Also, a 12-volt battery charger also makes it useful for autos, trucks and boats owners.

>>>> Features… If we talk about the features in brief, then Yamaha eF1000 is an extremely safe, quiet and efficient generator. The portability factor is actually the icing on the cake. You can avail all the benefits of this generator anytime and anywhere. Besides being portable, it is also a highly efficient generator. It cuts back on the fuel consumption and helps you save a lot of money. This clearly means that a tank once filled can be used for up to 12 hours without refueling. As compared to other camping generators that lie in this category, it is quite light and small in size.

>>>> Excellent Sound Isolation…Well-built 50cc engine, overhead valves and clean power makes it an excellent choice. It cannot be denied that this one from Yamaha is one of the best generators available in the market nowadays. It doesn't make any annoying noise during operation and lets you enjoy your conversation with others without any hindrance.

 With the Yamaha eF1000is you not only get to protect your delicate machines, but also cut down the risk of potential damage to your property. This is because it features a very clean AC voltage output that protects your appliances from sudden shocks. The fuel consumption provided by it is unmatchable. No other generator can give the efficiency it gives at 0.6 gallon of fuel.

Overall, it is a worthy product and has been able to deliver quite satisfying experience to its users. It is one of the best generators of its kind. It neither only offers great benefits, but also helps you save a lot of money on fuel and maintenance. With all the benefits listed above, you can easily figure out the efficiency of Yamaha eF1000 generator.