When on extended journeys such as round the world trips, it is normal these days for individuals to hold all of their belongings in a backpack. These can be massive 80+ litre efforts for those that like to leave nothing to chance, but can also be much smaller affairs of around 30 litres. The smaller versions can be used either as stand-alone solutions for the more frugally minded person, or as an accessory – perhaps for day-trips. Some of the main reasons to opt for a smaller backpack are as discussed below.

Although we live in an increasingly consumerist society, there is also a counter-movement of individuals who prefer to live in a more minimalistic manner. Such people would embrace the reduced mental and physical complications offered by taking fewer items. In many cases, the decision to take a smaller backpack is the key decision in this process. This forces the traveller to take fewer things, and especially fewer unnecessary things. In reality, people with such a mindset are still in a minority, but there is no doubt that it is a growing viewpoint.

These days, airports can be a really stressful experience as a result of a massive perceived increase in security precautions. However, much of this stress results from baggage issues. It can be a real pain to have to wait to collect one's suitcase or large rucksack from the baggage carousel, especially after a long-haul journey, often after a lack of adequate sleep. However, if one found it possible to carry everything in a smaller backpack that could be taken as carry-on luggage, imagine the reduced frustration!

Small backpacks can also be really useful for those going on shorter trips. This can include people who are working away and need to take their laptop with them. A small backpack can be really useful here as they are usually a great size for carrying such a laptop. In addition, when one carries a conventional laptop bag, one can easily become an obvious target for thieves, especially in poorer countries or cities. A less obvious backpack can alleviate this potential situation. Obviously it also means that it can be carried on the back rather than in the hand.

For those who are not frugal or minimalistic in their ways, a small backpack can be really useful as a day backpack. This would be a bag that can carry all of those items that you may need whilst traipsing around a particular location for a day. If you are on vacation this could include items such as a camera (again, it is more safety-conscious to carry it like this instead of in an obvious exposed camera bag), sun-cream and waterproof clothing. However, in reality a whole multitude of smaller items could be carried, depending on the requirements of the location and trip.

Smaller backpacks are also ideal for children. It gives them responsibility and pride as well as lightening the load on the backs of the parents! Obviously, it might not be a good idea to let children carry valuable or expensive items. Even if security is not an issue, there is always the possibility that a child may leave their bag somewhere and lose it.

So overall, there are a multitude of reasons to think about procuring a small backpack. There are many types and sizes to choose from, but the most important thing to consider is your purpose for buying one. This will help narrow down your choices to those most suitable.