Congratulations!   Making the decision to move to Charleston is a wise one, as the city is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful along the East Coast!  When most people think of Charleston those huge, historic mansions along the Battery are what come to mind, but it’s important to remember, that very few of Charleston’s residents actually live in the downtown area.  Where you plan to work and how you plan to live will have a significant impact on what homebuilder you choose, whether it’s to build a starter home or your family’s ultimate dream house.

                First, look at what part of the Lowcountry you’d like to live in.   This is a very important decision, as the upscale areas around Charleston (such as Daniel Island or parts of Mt. Pleasant) will often have exclusive arrangements with preferred construction companies.  The other major homebuilders, though mostly excellent, just won’t be welcome here.  The premium location will result in a higher overall cost to build your new home, but the finished product in bound to be well above average when it comes to quality of both the construction and the materials used.  Also, be sure to take into consideration commuting times when choosing an area to build.  Rush hour traffic is often unpredictable around the many bridges of Charleston.

                Your next step should be to take a moment to ask yourself just how quickly you need to be in your new house.  Larger home builders will be able to complete a finished house much more quickly than a local builder would, but this is mostly due to the fact that they have a larger-scale business plan.   This will often limit the extent of your choices when picking out furnishing or accessories.  If you want a truly “custom” home built then you’ll need to work with a reputable Charleston homebuilder, but remember that patience is a virtue!  Keep in mind that no builder will ever be able to guarantee an exact completion date, since unexpected delays such as bad weather or a shortage of materials are common occurrences.

                Last, but definitely not least, make sure to do all your research your before committing to a purchase!  Every reputable South Carolina homebuilder should be listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website so you’ll want to take note of their relative grades, and also how successfully any past customer complaints have been resolved.   In larger neighborhoods, feel free to spend some time interviewing your future neighbors about their experiences.   This door-to-door approach will give you access to the unique views and opinions that are always (somehow) left out of the builder’s brochures!

                Remember, preparation is always the key to success when deciding on a Charleston homebuilder.  Good luck!