Eat less calories then you burn

In recent years many reseachers have found many new ideas to lose weight. Here some known and some unknown ideas.

Eating Less Cooked Pasta & Noodles

Cook your your pasta less so it will be firm to bite. The longer you boil noodles, the more the starch breaks down which raises the pasta's glycemic index. This causes your blood sugar level to rise faster and increase your junk food cravings. Studies shows that when you cook spaghetti for five minutes, its glycemic index is 38; after 20 minutes, it shoots up to 61.

Get Fit with a Dog

The most effective personal trainers are dogs. Researchers from the University of Victoria in British Columbia found that people with dogs walk almost twice as much as those without. Even when pet owners are feeling lazy, most are responsible enough to head outside and give their little buddy some cool walking excercise.

30-Second High Speed Cycling Bursts

A recent study from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, showed that about a half-hour of sprint cycling (alternating speeds by pedaling quickly for 30 seconds and then at a slow pace for four minutes) is as effective as an hour and a half of moderate pedaling.

Listen to Music and Lose Weight

Researchers from Brunel University in England report that exercising to the right song can help you get fitter. They found that music helps participants work out longer. The key is to find tunes that get you going.

Eat Without Music

Once you sit down to eat, however, silence is best. A study from Georgia State University showed that people munched more when music was playing.

Portion Control Restaurant Meals

A recent study showed that restaurant meals have at least 60 percent more calories than dishes prepared at home. The main factor responsible for this is portion size. A survey of 300 chefs shows that many of the cooks serve 12-ounce steaks instead of the recommended portion of 3 ounces and one to two cups of pasta instead of one serving of half a cup.

Drink Water, Lose Weight

Everybody knows that water has zero calories and is the best diet drink. But if you're still hooked on high-cal beverages, check out these numbers: Researchers who tracked 240 overweight women found that those who replaced sweetened drinks with water lost five more pounds, on average, than those who didn't. 

Eat and Chew Slowly

If you always rush through meals you'll gain weight. A study from the University of Rhode Island showed that women who raced through a pasta lunch in nine minutes ate 646 calories. Those who took their time (about half an hour) consumed almost 70 fewer calories. After doing this they not only did they eat less ut they felt fuller.

Go Online Before You Dine

Eating at restaurants doesn't have to be bad for your diet. You can find healthy menu choices at nearly many places at Other slim-down tricks: Ask for sauces on the side, steer clear of the bread basket, and skip high-cal drinks.

Bye-bye Baby Weight

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that to shed post-pregnancy pounds, turn off the tube and head outdoors. They tracked 902 new moms and found that for every hour of TV watched daily, a mother's risk of retaining baby weight increased by 24 percent; for every hour of walking daily, it fell by 34 percent.

Sweet (Diet) Snack

Find some sugary treat that's good for you. Sunsweet Ones prunes are packed with antioxidants, potassium, and fiberare surprisingly delicious and healthy. And the individually wrapped dried plums are only 25 calories each.

Craving Sugar

If you're craving sugar, try an almond stacked on top of a dried apricot it tastes like a cookie.

You Sleep, You Lose Weight

New research shows that if you add one hour of sleep to your schedule, and you could drop up to 14 pounds in a year. New data from the University of Michigan shows that you'll likely eat 6 percent less if you replace 60 minutes of wake time (when you may snack) with an hour of shut-eye. And a Harvard study that tracked around 68,000 women found that those who clocked only five or fewer hours of rest a night had a 32 percent greater chance of gaining more than 30 pounds over a 16-year period than those who got seven hours of sleep.

Best Healthy Breakfast Alternative to Lose Weight

Replace your bagels with a healthy choice. Researchers from Louisiana State University System tracked people on a low-cal diet and found that those who ate two eggs in the morning lost 65 percent more weight than those who had a bagel breakfast with the same number of calories. Plus, the egg eaters cholesterol levels didn't go up. How did they shed the extra pounds as compared to the bagel group? They found after eating eggs for breakfast they felt fuller and that is why they ate less calories during the day.

Laughing Can Reduce Calories

A study from Vanderbilt University showed that you can burn up many calories by laughing genuinely for 10 to 15 minutes.

Fast Food: The 2-Second Quiz

Which food has more calories?

At McDonald's: two Big Macs or a large chocolate shake?

The chocolate shake: 1,160 calories; the two hamburgers: 1,080. (total);

At Denny's: the country-fried steak and eggs or the ham and Cheddar omelet?

Denny's omelet: 595; the steak and eggs: - 543.