Most people begin and end the day in their bathrooms. So it's important to choose accessories that are practical yet at the same time add to the beauty and comfort of the bathroom, making it more than just a functional room in the house. Every homeowner and occupant likes the bathroom to have a certain style. That style can be eclectic with random accessory items or have motif themed accessories for people who like structure. When it comes down to choosing a style, bathroom accessories ideas can help you find your inner designer instinct.

Accessories should compliment the style of the bathroom while combining with the essential elements of the room's design and function. For the most part, new homeowners prefer contemporary designer themes with matching, color coordinated bathroom accessories. In older homes, the style of the bathroom is often defined by the type and age of the fixtures. Even if the bathroom fixtures have been updated, vintage style accessories can enhance the value of the home by highlighting its classical, elegant features. 
Use the following bathroom accessories ideas to revitalize an older bathroom or when choosing accessories for a new bathroom. 
Older Bathroom Accessories 
  • Heirloom styled fixtures with a brushed antique gold or silver finish for items such as the toilet tissue holder, towel bars and shelves
  • Small, dainty mirrored vanity tray
  • Assortment of vintage clear, glass perfume bottles with and without atomizers
  • Vintage soap dispenser
  • Retro styled handles on storage cabinets and knobs for the sink faucet
  • Decorative historic looking porcelain lighting
  • Antique medicine cabinet
Bathroom accessories of this type can be found in stores that specialize in architectural salvage, antiques and fixtures.
New Bathroom Accessories 
  • Color splashed abstract art
  • Marble vanity tops
  • Stainless steel magazine rack, toothbrush holders, free standing soap dispenser and hair dryer holders
  • Polished steel toilet tissue rolls holder and toilet brush holder
  • Porcelain room fragrance diffuser
Accessories can be found at modern bedding and bath stores.
There are some people who like order and want their bathrooms to have a designer like look and spa like feel for a sanctuary effect. While other individuals aren't concerned about style or design and they prefer to choose a messy mixture of bathroom accessories. When decorating a bathroom that is used primarily by younger children and teenagers don't forget to have fun with whimsical yet durable bathroom accessories.
All it takes is the willingness to put in the time to design a bathroom that is highly imaginative and is a reflection of the homeowner's personal taste. It doesn't have to be a spa like bathroom, unless that's the intended theme. 
These are just a few bathroom accessories ideas to use as examples when selecting a design scheme; the main consideration is what works well together. And of course, there are practical accessories that are needed in every bathroom, no matter what the personal decorating style is. This would include shower caddies, bath mats, bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths in appropriate colors and patterns.