After attending church and hunting for Easter eggs, you might be trying to find some more Easter activities for children to do for the rest of the day. Keep things easy and fun and the children will have a great, memorable holiday. These Easter activities for children are sure to please everyone.

Easter activities for children

Have Some Fun with Easter Activities for Children

Coloring Pages. Having kids color is probably the easiest of all the Easter activities for children. Some children can spend a good time coloring pictures. Pictures with an Easter theme can keep kids amused and entertained for a bit. Be sure to print out a variety of coloring pages that vary in difficulty so that you can accommodate all ages and levels. You can find lots of coloring pages online. Don’t have a printer? You can find coloring books at grocery stores, dollar stores, or one of the major chain stores such as Target, Walmart, etc.

Themed Worksheets. Step it up a notch from the coloring pages and use Easter-themed worksheets to challenge older kids with higher skills. You can find many worksheets that range from word searches, Sudoku puzzles, mazes and puzzles. If you have smaller children working with older kids, then be sure to find worksheets with pictures to color so that you don’t have to print out two different sets. The older kids can complete the harder activities, while the younger kids are busy coloring. Again, you can find these online.

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There are plenty of Easter Activities for Children of All Ages

Arts and Crafts. Easter activities for children aren’t restricted to just coloring or completing puzzles. Get kids interested in using their imagination and creativity using arts and crafts with items from around the house. There are a variety of Easter-themed crafts that are fun and easy to do. Use colored paper to make bunny ears or toilet paper rolls to make full bunny bodies. Milk cartons and paper bags are some other household items that you can get creative with. Children can use Easter Peeps in multiple ways to create art such as an Easter topiary, a holiday frame or an Easter wreath. Kids can make bunny or chick masks to wear and role-play. Ideas are endless if kids can use their imaginations to have fun with art.

Games. Some may call an Easter egg hunt a game, but there are still other Easter activities for children that will be entertaining throughout the day when all the eggs have been found. Kids can play an Easter-themed memory game. Find two pictures of bunnies, chicks, easter baskets, crosses, dyed eggs, etc. and mix them up and have the kids try to match the pictures up. Better yet, print two of the coloring pages and after the kids have finished coloring, use them to play the memory game. Easter-themed Charades is also a favorite game to play. Soon you’ll have kids hopping around like bunnies or flapping their arms like chicks with words associated with Easter. This is a fantastic way to get kids to use up their energy for a good night’s sleep after all the Easter activities.

Cooking. Recipes might not seem like fun-filled Easter activities for children, but cooking fun items that are Easter-themed is entertaining. Keep the kids in the kitchen after they have finished dyeing their eggs by recruiting their help with cooking. There are plenty of Easter recipes that kids can have fun with. Have kids help bake an Easter cake or cupcakes and have them decorate them with Easter decorations. Easter-theme-shaped cookies are always a hit with children, as well as mixing and filling eggs for delicious deviled eggs.

No matter what Easter activities for children you end up doing, be sure to let your kids know that Easter is also a holy day and that there are other ways in which families celebrate this day, such as hunting for Resurrection Easter Eggs. To keep things playful and simple, try choosing some or all the Easter activities for children to keep the day fun-filled and entertaining for everyone.