Some Exciting Elmo Party Favors for Toddler Birthdays

Even after so many years of Sesame Street, children still can’t seem to get off the Sesame street wave. Kids, especially toddlers, enjoy it with the same fervor as kids several generations ago. That makes one of the famous characters, i.e., Elmo, a wonderful party them if you are thinking of a good one for your toddler’s birthday party which arrives in short order.

Once you have finalized Elmo as the guy who will light up the children’s evening at the party, you will want some exciting Elmo party favors for kids to enjoy when they go home from the party. While it is fairly easy to get children to enjoy the party with simple activities, it is difficult to find party favors which they will genuinely like and spend time with at a later time and remember the party fun.

That said here are a few favors that are children’s favorite. First and foremost are cupcakes which are really what all toddlers would want as their first party favor if they could decide. Cupcakes with Elmo’s face on them will easily get kids rolling on the floor laughing. Nonetheless, they would love to eat cup cakes with their favorite Elmo frosted on the cakes.

To add some more fun to cupcakes, make sure to adorn them with cupcake rings. These are generally plastic rings which will sit pretty on top of the cakes, they are meant to be worn on kids’ fingers once they have finished eating the cupcakes. Apart from being incredibly inexpensive, they can also act as separate party favors apart from the cupcakes.

If you have seen toddlers, or remember your own toddler days, you know that scribbling and coloring is their favorite pastime in this period. That makes coloring books based on Elmo one of the more exciting Elmo party favors for the kids. Although coloring Elmo will be a fun activity for the kids, it can also become a troublesome one for the parents of the kids with children spreading the colors all over the floor and walls.

There is a simple solution for this though. Instead of giving them the usual coloring books, give them those that require only water to get colored. Then there are the things that children will love regardless of the theme of the birthday party. This includes balloons which kids will love to play with. However, balloons that have a full size Elmo on them when they are blown fully are really fun to watch for these children.

Although, Elmo is the main theme of the birthday party, it would be a good idea to feature the other characters of the TV show among the party favors. After all, what fun is Elmo without his dear friends? That should nicely round up the party favor kid for just about every toddler.

You will find that the Elmo party favors that are listed above are nothing complicated. They are just simple things that kids will find really funny. Although, we may not always understand why they go gaga over such trivial things, they are in a world of their own and that is what the party favors should be all about.