The Teva flip-flops are a comfortable pair of shoes for just about everyone. It is the classic foot wear in the summer, providing comfort and durability, even for children. In fact, Teva mush flip-flops seem to last about five years with occasional wear, without any loss of comfort either, and two to three years with constant wear.

The Teva company (pronounced Teh-vah) began in 1984 and is the brain child of a Grand Canyon river guide. He was the first person to make a sports sandal. With over twenty years of foot wear knowledge the shoe company thrives to create quality products that are suitable for every occasion.

The Teva mush flip-flops are available for both men and women. This shoe has a unique style while keeping in mind the needs of the person. The Teva mush flip-flops are exceptionally comfortable but cost more than the average pair of flip-flops. The average price of the shoe is around thirty dollars. The  Teva mush flip-flop comprises of a soft plush top and mid sole for foot cushioning and shock absorption and nylon tubular webbing makes for a tight but secure and comfortable fit. This soft material over time conforms to the shape of your foot, thus providing a customized fit. Furthermore, the threads on the out soles of the Teva mush flip-flops provide traction on all surfaces. The company does offer a choice for both men and women and the style of the shoe does depend on the gender.

Teva mush flip-flops for women are definitely one the most preferred sandals than any other brand. The product serves most needs, is durable and comfortable.  The Teva mush flip-flops also provides arch support. The shoe has extra material padded in the middle and it is this extra padding that offers the extra arch support. Not to mention that the styles are trendy enough to wear almost everywhere. In fact some women have described the shoe as “walking on clouds” and the only drawback being that it cannot be worn in winter.

It is no surprise then that the men's Teva mush flip-flops offers the same comfort and durability that the women’s shoe line provides. The same material comprises the men’s line as is the women’s with the only difference being the style. Both the Teva mush flip-flops for men and women are extremely light weight despite the base layer being thicker than most flip-flops.

The Teva mush flip-flops are available at any sporting goods store and some fashion boutiques as well. If you are looking for the more sporty styles look for them in your sports store such as Academy or Sports Authority. If you want a more fashionable and latest style a department store like Nordstrom or Macy's is where to find them. Not to mention that all these styles are available online as well. You will also find some good deals online but beware of knock off and make your purchase of Teva mush flip-flops at a reputable website.

The Teva mush flip-flops offers a great comfort level in a casual sandal, give it try, it might just become your new favorite pair of shoes to wear.