It seems that everyday a new diet pops up with astonishing result and "guaranteed" results. But have you heard of a gluten free diet? This diet is kind of different where the aim is to avoid foods with gluten in it, as some people who consume gluten actually get sick. Many people suffer from celiac disease and the only known cure for it is to follow a gluten free diet.

So what exactly is gluten? Gluten is a protein that is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and malts.  People who are found to be allergic to these grains need to follow a gluten free diet.

Sounds simple enough, but is not. If you suffer from celiac disease, and want to live a normal healthy lifestyle, then you would have to follow a special diet that excludes gluten products. You would have to consult your primary doctor and work with a nutritionist as well to see which diet regime works for you. Not to be alarmed, if you do suffer from gluten intolerance there is hope and a solution. Your nutritionist will work with you so can live a normal and good life. The key factor to remember is to avoid any wheat based products.

For those individuals who like to have their oatmeal in the morning, you will be glad to know that oats can be consumed. Be sure to eat oats that have no been contaminated with any wheat or wheat by-products.

Gluten free diet foods include corn, soy, rice and tapioca. For those who have a sweet tooth your choice would include jams, marmalade, sugar, and honey. Just like any other diet be sure to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. This diet may also include dairy products such as milk, eggs, cheese and butter. For coffee and tea lovers out there, these beverages are fine to drink as well as soda and most alcoholic drinks.

In order to stay on the diet and reap its benefits, it is best to make the food at home. Remember some canned products warns the consumer where the product was manufactured. That means there is warning sign cautioning the individual that the product was made in a facility that also made gluten based products. It would be wise to avoid buying these products just as a precautionary manner.

Of particular note, be sure to let your doctor know if you have a change in your diet. An allergic reaction to gluten could also lead to some other complications other then just affecting the digestive system.