Some people are just born to write. Its not like you have any choice in the matter. Stories and poems, and all manner of prose just bubbles to the top of your consciousness like foam on the head of a good beer. Or better yet those stories grab you by the throat and demand to to be written. The point is, whether you were paid or not, you found your self writing, e-mails, newsletters, plays. In college you dreamt of writing next break through novel, you wanted to be J.K. Rowling. No amount of talk from well meaning relatives kept the stories in your back pocket.

One day while surfing the Internet you come across ads for writing on line. For me, it was part of an eight month diligent job search that at times has bordered on surreal. I drove from California to Florida, took the census test twice (both times with perfect scores) and yet no one has offered me a full time job. I take it back, the only offer I received was for an $8.00 an hour call center, where employees were screened for weapons at the door. I didn't think I could bring myself to do that. On daily basis I still get emails from two temp agencies,, snag-a-job, Americanjobs and a couple others.

I do apply for the jobs, on an average two a day, and all the emails reference the same job, so don't feel you need to sign up with "rabbitrunner" which advertises for a mere $100 to connect you with all the available job search engines. One day I received a "job" offer to write for I had to send them a sample of my writing to get approved. You get paid based on the number of hits you get, so you are encouraged to tell all your friends to read your stuff. It sort of reminded me of Amway. They were very narrow on their specs, for example if I were hired to be a Frazier Park writer, they wanted to see local news from me, they didn't encourage me to write on weight loss or to do movie reviews.

Two months after I wrote a couple of articles of I came across a paragraph describing Info Barrel, at a site called "Mamma knows money." The writer of that article claimed I could expect to make $2 per article per month. I'm new at this, so I'm still not sure if that is a reasonable estimate. However, the writer also explained how at Info Barrel you get paid via the Google ads. That sounded more promising than getting my friends to hit my site on daily basis. Using the estimate of 2 articles a day, $2 per month per article, I guess in one month you could make an extra $120. That sounds like peanuts, unless the residuals continue - which - if they do could add up to $1,200.00 a month ten months later. The question is, can you really keep up the pace?

Here I am on day four of writing two articles a day. One day I got ambitious and actually wrote three. All of my articles except one, were accepted so far. I clicked on my "Nav Bar" so see status on the unacceptable piece, and found the following request: a little more history would be nice. So I followed the editor's request. The piece was soon up with the others. Some funny things about writing for Info Barrel, are you can write about anything you want. How to pick a loser, What to put on pasta, Make a Halloween costume out of Jello. In fact the more catchy the title, the more likely someone will click on your piece.

Another funny thing is the point system. I don't remember having that at There, they were trying to make us feel like old timey newpaper employees. Here it's more like a game. I'm not actually sure even, what good the points do, except its fun to see the cheery icons greet me when I log in. Wow, I just made "superwriter" over 10 grand words! Two people even friended me.

One not so funny thing, is the danger of writing "live." You can use Word and cut and paste if you want to, but Info Barrel makes it look so appealing to use their templates, that I usually do. The problem is, after spending two hours over a relatively well researched article, I found my connection had dropped. When I hit "publish" the page turned white, read an error message, and dumped my whole work. Yikes, yeah, I had to write something else, just to make my goal of two articles a day.

Anyway, it's fun, low calorie, and endlessly stimulating to write for Info Barrel, I highly recommend it .